Computing Workshops Spring 2016

You must sign up for the workshops you are interested in taking by using our enrollment form. In order to participate fully, it is recommended that you bring a laptop. 

If you complete eight workshops in this series, you will meet the requirement to apply to teach online/hybrid classes in the Writing Programs. You must attend two workshops by Ellen Johnson. A minimum of 4 workshops must be completed before April 1 to request hybrid teaching for Spring 2017. 

Ellen Johnson's Online Teaching Pedagogy Spring Schedule (Follow us on Twitter @ OP_ASU (Note the underscore after the OP)): 

  • Issues in Converting FTF Assignments to Online/Hybrid Lessons
    Thursday, February 18 at 1 -2:30 p.m. LL 648C 
  • Using Blogs and Journals in Hybrid and Online Courses
    Tuesday, March 1 at 1-2:30 p.m. LL648C
  • Testing Options in the Online/Hybrid Classroom
    Friday, March 25 at 3-4:30 p.m. LL648C
  • Bring Your Questions: Open Roundtable re: Online/Hybrid Classes
    Monday, April 11 at  10:30-12 p.m..  LL648C
  • Using Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter in the Online/Hybrid Classroom
    Wednesday, April 20 at  12:30-1:45 LL 648 C
  • Teaching Rhetoric in the Online/Hybrid Class
    Wednesday, April 27 at 1 -2:30 p.m. LL648  C

Email to register. 

Also, I am available by appointment to help you with any thing you need.  Just email me for a time.

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Enrollment is required for all workshops



1/20, Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648CBlackboard Grade Center (Weighted Grades)
1/27,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648CBlackboard Assignments (Crocodoc for in-browser commenting and editing of assignments) and SafeAssignments (source matching)
2/10,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648CTechSmith Relay (PowerPoint narration and screen recorder)

2/17,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648C

MediaAMP (New to ASU)

3/2,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648C

Learn from experienced hybrid and online teachers: Heather Hoyt and Sam Ruckman

3/16,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648C

Learn from experienced hybrid and online teachers: Dana Tait and Courtney Fowler

3/30,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648C

TechSmith Relay (PowerPoint narration and screen recorder)

4/6,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648C

Online Conferencing Tools - Google Hangouts

4/13,  Noon - 1:30 pm, LL 648C

Google Drive/Docs - Peer Review Emphasis


This schedule is subject to change depending on staff and classroom resources. If you have questions about a particular workshop, or would like to suggest a workshop, please e-mail Bruce Matsunaga


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