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Writing Programs Online Teaching Certification

Modules for completion of this certification can be found in our Blackboard shell. In Blackboard, use the courses search using "Writing Programs Online Teaching Certification" and use the option to enroll. Teachers need a minimum of 7 badges to complete this program. Completing one of the learning modules earns you one badge.

Badges are separated into 3 categories: pedagogy, application, and skills. Pedagogy badges have to do with the theory that grounds your online teaching. Application badges focus on how to use the available tools for assignments and other lessons. Skills badges focus on the basic how-to of the tools available to you as ASU teachers.

Writing Programs Online Teaching Certification Badges

To complete the program, you must complete two pedagogy badges and two application badges including one mandatory pre-selected pedagogy badge. The other three badges may be customized based on your specific needs.

Please note that you must complete two application or two skills badges to equal one of the three customizable badges, whereas one pedagogy badge will equal one customizable badge.

This certification is customizable, allowing you to choose badges that suit your specific teaching needs. Meaning that if, for example, you are already familiar with tools such as Google Drive, Tech Smith Relay, and Blackboard blogs, you may want to focus on application and pedagogy badges. If you are unfamiliar with these tools, you might choose to focus more on skills and application badges.

Remember that skills badges will explain the basic how-to of a tool, application badges will focus on how to use those tools for classroom purposes, and pedagogy will help shape your thinking about online courses.

If you're still feeling confused, try using the flow chart below to help get a better idea of which badges will be right for you.

Writing Programs Online Teaching Certification Badge Flowchart