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Film and Media Studies Major | BA

Ed Wood

The B.A. in Film and Media Studies provides students with skills that can be applied in a number of fields: from the entertainment industry, including film, television and new media, to local media arts organizations, teaching and research.

Graduates with degrees in Film and Media Studies have secured jobs in the entertainment industry as creative executives, producers, managers, and writers. They work in the media arts, in story and production development, in exhibition, distribution and film, television and video game production. They have completed graduate studies, and secured jobs in journalism as film and media critics.

To prepare students for these opportunities, the B.A. in Film and Media Studies emphasizes film and media convergence, critical and creative studies, or integration, and professional practices.

Core Courses

  • FMS 100 - Introduction to Film (3 Credits) (HU)
  • FMS 110 - Introduction to New Media (3 Credits) (L or HU)
  • FMS 200 - Film History (3 credits) (L or HU) & H
  • FMS 270 or FMS 380 - Race and Gender in American Film (3 credits) (HU & C)
  • FMS 300 - Television and Cultural Studies (3 credits) (L or HU)

After completing the core, Film and Media Studies majors select one course from each of the following areas of emphasis: Media and Society, Media Industries, Styles and Genres or Screenwriting. FMS majors also complete 18 credit hours, or six courses, of FMS electives for a total of 45 credit hours in the major.

Students interested in the BA in Film with a concentration in film and media production should contact The School of Film, Dance and Theatre in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts  at (480) 965-5337.

Media and Society

Films, television and digital media shape perceptions of others, ourselves, and society. The Media and Society area of emphasis area courses allow studenets to analyze the representation of social relations — including gender, religion, race and sexuality — in order to become literate media consumers, activists, producers and scholars.  Courses may include:


  • FMS 352 Chicana/o Film (C)
  • FMS 370 Signs of Aliens (HU)
  • FMS 375 LGBTV: Television and Sexuality
  • FMS 377 Baseball, Film and America Dream
  • FMS 394 Teen Film
  • FMS 427 Identity and World Film
  • FMS 440 Los Angeles: Movies & Culture (L or HU) & C
  • FMS 460 Masculinity in Film (HU)
  • FMS 468 Crime & Violence in Am Film (HU)
  • FMS 471 Latina/os in Hollywood (HU & C)
  • FMS 494 Comedy as Social Discourse
  • FMS 494 Holocaust and German Media
  • FMS 494 - Science Fiction Cinema & Culture Theory

Emphasis in Media Industries

New digital technologies, viewing platforms, and consumption habits have dramatically affected the structure and dynamics of the entertainment industries. Students taking courses in in the Media Industries area of emphasis analyze the growing integration of storytelling, advertising, brands, and audiences within the current film and media landscape, with a particular focus on corporate structure, production culture and regulation.  Courses may include:

  • FMS 302 US Media Now
  • FMS 351 Emerging Digital Media (L)
  • FMS 374 American Visions
  • FMS 375 LGBTV: Television and Sexuality
  • FMS 394 TV, New Media, Culture
  • FMS 394 Marketing and Media Industries
  • FMS 440 Los Angeles: Movies & Culture (L or HU) & C

Emphasis in Styles and Genres

Film, television and digital media are forms of creative expression influenced by artistic movements, cultural traditions, and individual inspiration. Students taking classes in the Styles and Genres area of emphasis study aesthetics, authorship, genres, and national cinemas within the broader context of the humanities.  Courses may include: 

  •     FMS 340 Contemporary Am Film & Pop Culture (HU)
  •     FMS 351 Emerging Digital Media (L)
  •     FMS 369 Science Fiction Studies
  •     FMS 370 Signs of Aliens (HU)
  •     FMS 374 American Visions
  •     FMS 377 Baseball, Film & Am Dream
  •     FMS 394 Documentary
  •     FMS 394 AZ Identity in the Western Film
  •     FMS 440 Los Angeles: Movies & Culture (L or HU) & C
  •     FMS 441 Global Cinema (HU & G)
  •     FMS 461 Film Theory and Criticism (HU)
  •     FMS 464 Latina/o Literature (L or HU) & C
  •     FMS 486 Holocaust on Film
  •     FMS 494 Weimar German Cinema
  •     FMS 494 Science Fiction Cinema


The practice of screenwriting shapes entertainment, challenges social convention and informs global culture. For this reason, the coures in the screenwriting area of emphasis is grounded in the humanities, empowering students to discover their distinct voices while creating stories with a critical and creative edge. Our students gain the necessary skills to craft compelling narratives that provoke, inspire and entertain diverse audiences.  Courses may include:

  •     FMS 302 US Media Now
  •     FMS 309 Intermediate Screenwriting
  •     FMS 340 Contemporary Am Film & Pop Culture (HU)
  •     FMS 394 Screenwriting Workshop: Adaptation
  •     FMS 394 Screenwriting for Television Part 1
  •     FMS 409 Advanced Screenwriting
  •     FMS 494 Screenwriting for Television Part 2