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Julie F. Codell is professor of art history at Arizona State University. She was director of the School of Art, 1991-2001, and interim chair of Film and Media Studies a (2010-11). She is a faculty affiliate in English, Film and Media Studies, Asian Studies, the Center for the Study of Film, Media and Popular Culture, and The Sidney Poitier New American Film School. Her areas of specialization are 19th-century visual culture in the UK and the US, the art press, Indian culture under the British Raj, life writings (autobiographies and biographies), travel narratives, representations of race and gender, material culture, the art market, the history of collecting, and world film.

She has published 180 books, book chapters, articles, encyclopedia entries and book and exhibition reviews in prestigious scholarly journals and anthologies. She wrote The Victorian Artist: Artists' Life Writings in Britain, ca. 1870-1910 (Cambridge, 2003; paperback rev. ed., 2012) and Images of an Idyllic Past: Photographs of Edward S. Curtis (exhibition catalogue, 1988). She edited Nineteenth-Century British Artists' Autograph Replicas: Auras, Aesthetics & Economics (Routledge 2020); Transculturation in British Art, 1770-1930 (Ashgate, 2012; pbk Routledge 2017); Power and Resistance: The Delhi Coronation Durbars (Mapin, 2012); The Political Economy of Art (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2008); Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema (Blackwell's, 2007); Imperial Co-Histories: National Identities and the British and Colonial Press (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2003); and co-edited Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-Makings and Reproductions (with L. Hughes, Edinburgh Univ. Press, 2018); Orientalism, Eroticism and Modern Visuality in Global Cultures (with J. DelPlato, Routledge, 2016; pbk 2018); Encounters in the Victorian Press: Editors, Authors, Readers (with L. Brake; Palgrave Macmillan, 2004) and the now classic Orientalism Transposed: The Impact of the Colonies on British Culture (with D. S. Macleod; Ashgate, 1998), awarded republication in the Routledge Revival book series, 2018. She was the guest editor for two volumes of Visual Resources on reproductions in art (2010, 2011), three special issues of Victorian Periodicals Review on domesticity in the 19th-century press (v. 51, 2018), the 19th-century press in India (v. 37, 2004) and Victorian art in the press (v. 24, 1991, 2 issues) and a special issue on material culture for the Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies (2022). Forthcoming and recent publications include essays on art collecting, 19th-century orientalism; art history and fashion; artist biopics; and the art market; .

She has been invited to speak at museums, conference keynotes and universities in China, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Canada, France, India, Italy, and in the US at the Smithsonian Institution, Yale Univ., Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Univ. of Colorado, Univ. of Iowa, Emory Univ., University of Virginia, Univ. of Southern California, Univ. of California Davis, Univ. of Oregon, Univ. of California Los Angeles (UCLA), UC Berkeley, the Huntington Library.  She was an invited participant in an international research project, '"Internationalism and Cultural Exchange, 1870-1920," organized jointly by York University and the University of Bristol in the UK.

She was recently awarded a Seed Grant from ASU's Institute for Humanities Research, 2020-2021, and the School of Art Evelyn Smith Award for 2019-20 for her research. She has received fellowships and grants from: The Kress Foundation (2014), Yale University's British Art Center (2011, 1994), the Getty Foundation (2014, 2006), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH; fellowships, 2003 and 1993; summer stipend, 1988; travel grants, 1986 and 1990; summer institute grants, 1989 and 1991), the Huntington Library (2004), the Harry Ransom Humanities Center (2002), the American Institute of Indian Studies (2002), ASU's Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts (2015, 2014, 2008, 2002), ASU's Institute for Humanities Research (2014, 2012-13). She received the Renaissance Society's Nelson Prize (1986) for her essay on Giotto's Peruzzi Chapel frescoes, originally her master's thesis. She won the ASU Herberger College of Arts Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award in 2004. 

Her course topics include the art market; the history of art collecting; culture and empire; the self in 19th-century culture (autobiography and portraiture); the portrait; gender, race and world cinema; artist biopic films; the body in 19th-c. art; and critical theory.  She served on dissertation and thesis committees at Oxford University, Yale University, The University of Sydney, The University of Ghent in Belgium, Queen's College, Ontario, Nehru University in Delhi, and several ASU departments—School of Art, English, History, Religious Studies.

She is currently serving a second three-year term on the Board of Directors of Arizona Humanities on which she chaired the grants committee and is a member of the executive committee and the development commmittee. She edits the blog for The International Art Market Studies Association (TIAMSA) and is on the editorial boards of Visual Resources; Visual Culture in Britain (UK); The Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies (which she edited for five years); and Victorian Periodicals Review. She regularly reads manuscripts and writes book reviews for these and other journals and academic presses. She has been president of the Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western U.S., the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, and the Midwestern Victorian Studies Association, and an officer and board member of five professional organizations. She was chair of the College Art Association Mather Award Jury for two years and is currently a grant assessor for the Australian Research Council and for the National Humanities Center in Durham, North Carolina, and has served as grants evaluator for the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, D.C. 


  • Ph.D. Comparative Literature (Comparative Arts) and Certificate in Renaissances Studies, Indiana University
  • M.A. Art History, Indiana University
  • M.A. English, University of Michigan
  • B.A. English, Vassar College

Research Interests


Prominent Scholars of America; Whos Who in Art; Whos Who in America; Who's Who in American Art; Who's Who of American Women; Whos Who in American Education; Biography Today (Delhi)

2020-2021 Seed grant, Institute for Humanities Research, ASU

2019-20 Awarded the annual Evelyn Smith Professorship for Research              

2019      Faculty Development Grant, School of Art, ASU

2018-19 Sabbatical

2018     Collaboration Grant, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, ASU

2017-18 Participating Investigator, Center for Asian Research Asia Mediated UISFL Grant (USDOE), awarded

2016-18 Institute for Humanities Research, ASU, Research Cluster Group, participant on project "Global Cultures of the Modern, 1750-1850"(--funded for two years

2016-17 Project Grant, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, ASU

2015-16 Institute for Humanities Research, ASU, Seed Grant for Collaborative Project, $12,000

2014-15 Project Grant, American Collectors of European Replicas, ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

2014     Getty Art History Digital Workshop Fellowship, George Mason Univ., July

2014      Kress Art History Digital Workshop Fellowship, Middlebury, VT, Aug

2013-14 Seed Grant, collaborative project: replication in 19th c., ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

2013-14 Co-investigator, Project Grant, Orientalism and music, ASU Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

2013-pres. Assessor, Australian Research Council (ARC)

2012-13 Fellow, Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State University

2012     Sabbatical, ASU

2011     Yale Center for British Art Scholar Award 

2010     Project Narrative Summer Institute, English Dept., Ohio State University

2009-pres.  Invited to join the Internationalism and Cultural Exchange, 1870-1920 research project conducted jointly by University of Bristol and York University, UK

2009     Recipient of Canadian grant funding as invited speaker for joint conference on Victorian Studies, Vancouver

2009     Research funds from DOE grant to promote South Asian course content at Arizona State University

2008     Herberger College of the Arts Research Grant ($5000) for project Commodity, Fetish, Relic, Collectible:  Virtuality and Objects in Victorian Paintings

2008     Center for Asian Research Grant, Arizona State University, for collaborative research on intercoloniality

2006     Getty Visiting Scholar Fellowship

2004-05 Sabbatical, ASU (Delhi Coronation Durbars, 1877-1911)

2004     Fellowship, Huntington Library and Museum, San Marino, CA

2004     Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award, ASU Herberger College of Fine Arts

2003     National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship--taken 2005-06

2002     Skaaren Film Fellowship, Ransom Humanities Ctr, U Texas, Austin

2002     Senior Scholar Travel Fellowship, American Institute of Indian Studies

2002     College of Liberal Arts/Sciences, Asian Studies Ctr, Steele Grant, Arizona State Univ

2002     AZ State U Herberger College of Fine Arts Research Grant

1997-98 Sabbatical, ASU: Edit book on British colonialism; draft book on Victorian artists

1997     Victorian Studies Centre Fellowship, University of Leicester (declined)

1996     ASU College of Fine Arts Faculty Dev. Grant to computerize course on British colonialism

1996     Arizona Commission on the Arts Grant for visit of Turkish artist B. Anilanmert

1994     Fellowship, Yale British Art Center

1993     NEH Fellowship (Artists' Careers and the Image of the Artist in England, 1870-1914)

1992     Arts, Sciences, Humanities (ASH) Grant, Arizona State U

1991     NEH Stipend for Summer Institute on Victorian Culture and Society, Yale British Art Center

1990     NEH Travel-to-Collections Grant

1989     NEH Stipend for Summer Institute on Theory & Interpretation in Visual Arts, U of Rochester

1988     NEH Summer Stipend

Summer Research Grants, University of Montana, 1981, 83, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90

1986-87 Sabbatical, U of Montana (Victorian Artists Professional Lives)

1986     Renaissance Societys William Nelson Prize for best ms. submitted to Renaissance Quarterly

1986     NEH Travel-to-Collections Grant

1984     Distinguished Teacher Award, University of Montana

1982     Outstanding Young Women of America

1977     Renaissance Studies Fellowship, Indiana U (Dissertation Research in Italy and England)


Books and Edited Projects

2020     Editor, Victorian Artists' Autograph Replicas: Auras, Aesthetics, Patronage and the Art Market (Routledge).
2018    Co-editor (w/ L. Hughes), Replication in the Long 19th Century: Re-makings and Reproductions (University of Edinburgh Press).
2018    Editor,  "Domesticity and the Victorian Press," special issue of Victorian Periodicals Review 51/2 (Summer)
2016    Co-editor (w/ J. DelPlato). Orientalism, Eroticism & Modern Visuality in Global Cultures (Routledge).
2012    Paperback ed., The Victorian Artist: Artists' Life Writing in Britain (Cambridge UP; orig. pub. cloth 2003)
2012    Editor, Transculturation in British Art, 1770–1930 (Aldershot: Ashgate). 
2012    Editor. Power and Resistance: The Delhi Coronation Durbars (Ahmedabad: Mapin).
2011    Guest Editor, Special Issue of Visual Resources, 27/1 (March), vol. 2 on collecting and iconography.
2010    Guest Editor, Special Issue of Visual Resources, 26/3 (Sept), vol. 1 on the art press and photography.
2008    Editor, The Political Economy of Art (NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson U P/Associated University Presses).
2007    Editor, Genre, Gender, Race, and World Cinema (Oxford: Blackwell's).
2004    Co-editor (with L. Brake). Encounters in the Victorian Press: Editors, Authors, Readers (London: Palgrave).
2004    Guest Editor. The 19th-Century Press in India. Special issue, Victorian Periodicals Review, v. 37 (Summer).
2003    The Victorian Artist: Artists’ Lifewritings in Britain, ca. 1870-1910 (Cambridge U P). 
2003    Editor. Imperial Co-Histories (NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson U P/Associated University Presses).
1998    Co-editor (with D. S. Macleod). Orientalism Transposed: The Impact of the Colonies on British Culture 
(Aldershot: Ashgate).
1991    Guest Editor.  "Victorian Art and the Press." Two special issues, Victorian Periodicals Review, 24 (Sum & Fall). 
1988    Images of an Idyllic Past: Photographs of Edward S. Curtis. Exhibition Catalogue (Miles City, MT). Venues MT, Texas, Nevada.

Chapters in books:

2020     “The Relativity of the Past:  Pre-Raphaelite New Histories of British Culture,” Representing the Past in the Art of the Long Nineteenth Century: Historicism, Postmodernism, and Internationalism. ed. Matthew Potter (London: Routledge), in press.

2020     "Convergences: Art History, Museums and Scholar-Agent Martin Birnbaum's Transatlantic Art for the Public," Art Markets, Agents and Collectors: Collecting Strategies in Modern Europe, eds. Susan Bracken and Adriana Turpin (Bloomsbury), 316-27.

2019      “Orientalism in Art,” A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Art. Ed. M. Facos (Wiley-Blackwell), 121-38.
2019    "William Morris and the Intersection of the Histories of Design and Art," Teaching William Morris, eds. Elizabeth Miller and Jason Martinek (Fairleidgh Dickinson UP, 2018), 235-48.

2018 Co-authored, "Introduction: Replication in the Long 19th Century-Re-makings and Reproductions," Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions  (U of Edinburgh Press), 1-20.

2018 "Transatlantic Autograph Replicas and the Uplifting of American Culture," Replication in the Long Nineteenth Century: Re-makings and Reproductions (University of Edinburgh Press), 46-66. 

2017    "Dress and Desire: Rossetti's Erotics of the Unclassifiable and Working-Class Models," Fashion in European Art: Dress and Identity, Politics and the Body, 1775-1925, ed. J. De Young (London: I. B. Tauris), 91-119.
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Articles in Refereed Journals:

2021     "Multiple Versions, Multiple Markets, Multiple Meanings: The Global Trade in British Autograph Replicas," Art History

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2020     "Empire and the 'Closed' Periodical: Aurobindo Ghosh and the Indian Press," Victorian Periodicals Review 53

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1995-2001    Book Review Editor, Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies.
1991-94        Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Pre-Raphaelite Studies.
Art Criticism:
1990    "Gallery Notes" for exhibition by Beth Lo, Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, MT
1988    "Vision and Literacy," Artweek, 19 (May 7, 1988), 7. 
1987    "James Morris: Installing Disasters," Artweek, 18 (Oct 31, 1987), 6.

Research Activity



2021     Invited presenter, "Martin Birnbaum: Making American Culture Cosmopolitan," at conference, "Jewish Dealers and the European Art Market (1850-1930)," Dec 5-8, London 

2020     Guest lecturer, Society for the History of Collecting, "Collecting as a Public Good," July 30, remote

2019     Historians of British Art panel, "Current State of Research in British Art," College Art Association conference. NYC, Feb

2019     ASU Institute for Humanities Research, mock peer review panel moderated by NEH Deputy Director Russell

Wyland, panel, “What Makes a Successful Grant Proposal?” Sept 25

2018     "Being a Radical Artist in Victorian England," Oklahoma Art Museum, Oklahoma City, November, in conjunction with exhibition "Victorian Radicals: The Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts Movement"

2018      Invited lecture, "Collecting Degas in America," Denver Art Museum, March, in conjunction with the exhibition, "Degas: A Passion for Perfection"

2018      Plenary panel, Interdisciplinary 19th c. Studies Conference, March

2016    To conduct Tate Britain professional seminar on replication in British art at Birmingham Art Museum, UK, July

2016     To conduct workshop, "Print culture & the mass public," Midwest Victorian St. Assoc., Columbia, MO April

2015     Lecture on M. H. Spielmann exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London, July

2015     Lecture, "Transatlantic Replicas: The Role of Replicas in American Culture, 1880-1920," Symposium on replica/replication, TCU, April

2015     Plenary panelist, "The Senses Within: Aestheticism, Reverie and Female Consciousness," Midwest Victorian St. Assoc., Iowa City, May 

2015     Discussant, Pacific Coast British Studies Conference, for panel, "Re-Visiting the Victorian Exhibition Equipoise: Art, Children and Failure," March, Las Vegas

2014     Consultant and presenter, mini-symposium on 19th-century replicas and replication, TCU, November

2014     Plenary panelist, Victorian Studies Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the US West, “American Collectors and Victorian Replicas,” Fullerton

2014     Plenary panelist, "The Ruins of Violence: The Aftermath of the 1857 Rebellion in the Photographs of Robert and Harriet Tytler," Midwest Victorian Studies Association, April

2013     Invited to speak at Keats-Shelley Museum, Rome: "Painting Keats: Victorian Paintings of Keats's poetry," June

2013     Invited discussant, ASU Institute for Humanities Symposium on The Imaginary: The Senses and Memory

2012     Invited Speaker, "Aestheticism's Bric-a-Brac: The Material and the Virtual," Louisiana State University

2012     Guest Speaker, “Colonial Photography in India,” Yale 19th-C. Visual Culture Consortium, New Haven

2012     Plenary Speaker, "Networks and Replica Chains," No. American Victorian St Assoc, Madison

2012     Plenary Speaker, "Victorian Portraits: Material Culture of Identity," Interdisciplinary 19th-C. St, Lexington

2012     Invited speaker, "American Landscape Art," American Culture Institute, Sichuan Univ., Chengdu, China

2011     Plenary panelist on Victorian culture and history, No. American Conference on British Studies, Denver

2011     Paper, "Displaying Aestheticism’s Kitsch," Lunder Foundation Symposium, Freer Gallery, Smithsonian, D. C.

2011     Invited By Art Historians of 19th-c. Art (CAA Affiliate) to organize panel, "The Art of Cultural Capital," for the 19th c. Studies Assoc conference, Albuquerque

2010     Invited participant, "Teaching Empire: Interdisciplinary Roundtable," Interdisciplinary 19th-c. St (INCS), Austin

2010     Invited organizer/chair for panel on Future Directions for Assoc. of Historians of 19th-c. Art, Chicago, CAA

2010     Invited discussant for forum, "Texting and Imaging the Oriental Body," College Art Association, Chicago

2009     Invited speaker for workshop The British in India: Art, Culture and Society, U of Wisconsin, Madison

2009     Invited to participate in Internationalism and Cultural Exchange, 1870-1920 workshop, Univ. of Bristol

2009     Invited Workshop Organizer, "Aesthetics, Art and the Market," Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Assoc of Western US/ Victorian Studies Assoc of Western Canada, joint international conference, Vancouver, Canada

2009     Plenary speaker, "Victorian Artworld Networks," Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Minneapolis

2008     Invited workshop coordinator North American Victorian Studies Association conference for workshop on Victorian Painting at the Yale Center for British

2008     Keynote speaker, "The Unexplored Empire," Midwest Victorian St Association conference, April, Chicago

2008     Invited symposium participant, June 27, as part of International Auto/biography Assoc. conference

2007     Invited lecture, "Commodity, Fetish, Relic, Collectible: Objects in Victorian Paintings," University of California at Davis symposium in honor of Dianne Macleod

2007     Invited to organize special panel sessions on colonial objects in global circulation; organized and chaired two panels, Material Empire I and II: The Conflicts Of Collecting And Consuming Colonial Objects, No. American   Victorian St Assoc, Victoria, B.C.

2007     Invited panelist, "Indian Writers in the British Press," International So. Asian St. Alliance conference, LA

2006     Invited speaker, "Indian Travel Narratives," UCLA, 19th-Century Group

2006     Invited speaker, "Being Modern in Colonial India," UCLA, Anthropology Dept.

2006     Invited speaker, "'Endless objects of attraction': Colonial Photography's Identities and Interventions," McIntire Lecture Series. University of Virginia, Charlottesville

2006     Invited workshop organizer, "Reading the Maharaja's Body," No. Amer Victorian Studies Assoc Conf, Purdue

2005     Invited speaker, "Pre-Raphaelitism as Cultural Revolution," University of Oregon, Eugene

2005     Invited speaker, "Victorians’ Eyes on India," Huntington Library Brown Bag Lecture Series

2005     Invited commentator, panel on monuments & memorials in 20th-c. Britain, No. American Conf. on British Studies, Denver

2004     "Indians Abroad in Europe," USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute Seminar on Asian Travel Literature, USC, Los Angeles (Mellon Foundation Grant funded)

2004     Plenary Speaker, "Serious Pleasures of Tweaking the Raj," Interdisciplinary 19th C. St Conference, Iowa City

2004     Invited to chair conference seminar on Victorian art collecting, No. American Victorian St Association, Toronto

2003     Invited speaker, "Theatre of the Raj," for Yale Center for British Art symposium, New Haven

2003     Invited symposium speaker, "National and Imperial Identities in the 1903 Delhi Coronation Durbar Exhibition," Asiatic Society & English Dept., U of Calcutta

2003   "Indian Art Through Raj Eyes," Center for Asian Studies, ASU, A. T. Steele Lecture Series

2002     "Keatsian Eroticism in Pre-Raphaelite Painting," Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia

2002     Invited seminar leader, staff of Queensland Art Museum, Brisbane

2002     "Victorian Artists’ Autobiographies," Depts. of English & Art History, U of Sydney

2001     Keynote speaker, "Precious dangers: vile artists and chaste objects," conference "Precious," Sheffield, UK

1998     "Keats and the Pre-Raphaelites: Intertextual Transgressions," U of Colorado, Boulder

1997     Invited presenter, "History Vs. Romance in Brown's Murals," Australasian Vict St Assoc, Christchurch, NZ

1996     "Colonialism Reversed: Indian Art Collecting & Display in the Raj," U of Arizona Art History Series

1996     "Public Image of the Victorian Artist: Family Biographies," William Morris Society, Toronto

1995     Keynote speaker, "C. F. Murray: Making Victorian Culture," Symposium, Wilmington, DE

1995     Invited panelist and Chair, Panel on methodology, Historians of British Art (CAA Affiliate), San Antonio

1995     Invited panelist for panel on changing canons in Victorian studies. Midwest Victorian St Assoc., Chicago

1992     "Chelsea Bohemian: Herbert Horne & the Late 19th C.," Two invited lectures with exhibit, "Works from the Horne Museum, Florence": Dixon Gallery, Memphis; Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA

1992     "The Image of the Artist in Pre-Raphaelite Painting," Emory U, Atlanta

1991     "Feminism, the Avant-Garde, and Critical Theory," U of Nevada, Las Vegas

1990     "The Female Spectator and the Female Artist," Arizona State U

1987     "Reading Victorian Paintings: Hidden Meanings of Gesture and Expression," St. Lawrence U



2021     Panel organizer, Historians of British Art, "A New Story About British Culture?" Feb 10-13, virtual conf

2021     "Multiple Truths: Dialogues on Science of Landscape Painting in Nature Magazine," Midwest Victorian Studies

Conference, Chicago, April

2021     "Transatlantic Pre-Raphaelites: American Collectors and Celebrity Artists," Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies

Association of the Western US, Reno, Oct

2021     Paper, "Film and Collectivity: Feminism & Age in British & New Zealand Films," Midwest Modern Language Assoc., Milwaukee Nov.

2020     "Toward a Historiography of Pre-Raphaelite (Post)Modernism and the Future of the Pre-Raphaelite Past," Modern Language Assoc. conference, Seattle

2020     Panel organizer, "The Collector and Cultural Narratives," College Art Association, Feb., Chicago

2019     “Creating Victorian Stakeholders: Industrialist Art Collectors, Cultural Capital, and the Nation of Culture,”

Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies of the Western US (VISAWUS), Seattle, Nov.

2019     Organizer, panel, “Disrupting Genres,” No. American Victorian Studies Assoc (NAVSA), Columbus, OH, Oct

2019     “Disrupted Genres, Collapsed Time: Pre-Raphaelite Metalepsis and the Portrait Historié,” NAVSA,

Columbus, OH, Oct 

2019     "From Abjection to Icon: Artist Biopics and the Representation of Artists’ Historical Identities," Arts in Society International Conference, Lisbon, June

2019     "The New National Power of Provenance:  The Symbiotic Cultural Authority of Critics and Collectors,” Midwest Victorian Studies Association, Ft. Worth, April

2019     Organizer, panel, "Imagined Memory, Fragmented Monuments: Invented Histories in Museums and Archives," Interdisciplinary 19th c. Studies (INCS), Dallas, March

2019     “Museums: Monuments to Invented Memory,” Interdisciplinary 19th c. Studies (INCS), Dallas, March

2019     Organizer, panel, “The Studio as Market,” The International Art Market Studies Association (TIAMSA) session at College Art Association conference, NYC, February

2019     Presentation, “The Studio as Market: Victorian Artists’ Studios as Public Spaces,” CAA, New York City, February

2018     “Multiple Versions, Multiple Markets, Multiple Meanings: The Global Trade in British Autograph Replicas,” International Conference on British Art and the Global. Univ of California, Berkeley Sept

2018     Presentation, "Autograph Replicas in Motion:  Industrial Production, Global Demand, and Conflicting Valuations," Conference: Art on the Move – Mobility in the Long Nineteenth Century, Birmingham, Jan.

2018     Presentation, “Dialogic Seriality of Artists’ Autograph Replicas: Time, Taste and the Transatlantic,” Interdisciplinary 19th c. Studies (INCS), San Francisco, March

2018     Organizer, panel, “The Collector and Cultural Narratives, 1845-1918,” Southeast College Art Conf. (SECAC)

2018     Organizer, panel, “Looking Outward, Past Seeing,” No. American Victorian Studies Assoc. (NAVSA)

2018     NAVSA Paper presentation, “Looking Outward Within: Reverie and Rossetti's Female Figures,” Oct.

2018     “Back to the Pre-Raphaelite Future: Mutable Time, Directionless History and the End of Progress,” Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies of the Western US (VISAWUS), Palm Springs, Nov.

2017     "Double Temporalities: Metalepsis, the Portrait Historié, and Artists' Chronotope," Society for Literature, Science and Art, Tempe, Nov.

2017     "Philanthropic Collecting for the People: Art for Cultural Uplift, 1880-1930," Southeastern College Art Conference, Oct

2017     "Folding the Canon: The Pre-Raphaelite List of Immortals and the Anti-Canon," for conference "Form and Reform," University of California, Santa Cruz, July

2017     "Victorian Taste in Art: Public Taste, Ekphrasis and the Nation," Midwest Victorian Studies Assoc. Conf, Oberlin, April

2017     Organizer, transglobal collecting of British art panel, for Historians of British Art, College Art Association, NYC, Feb 

2016     "Transatlantic Art History: Martin Birnbaum's Networks of Objects and Artists," Creating Markets, Collecting Art, Christie's, London, July

2016     "Agent-Scholar Martin Birnbaum (1878-1970): Modernizing the Agent," for conference, "The Art Market, Collectors and Agents: Then and Now," London, July

2016   "Promoting & Condemning Artists' Economic Growth," Research Soc. for Victorian Periodicals, Kansas City, Sept.

2016     "The Cultural Economy of Replicas: The Case of Rossetti," and organizer of two panels on Replicas and Replication in the Victorian Age, Victorians Institute STEAM conf, Raleigh, NC, Oct.  

2016     Discussant and Organizer for panel, "The Arts: Social and Socializing Victorians," NAVSA, Tempe, Nov.

2015     "Ekphrasis, Empathy and Art Criticism's Cathartic Mission: Inducing Sentiment, Socializing Feeling," and Organizer of Panel, "Painted Feelings and Victorian Art's Cathartic Missions," The Arts and Feeling in 19th-c. Literature and Culture, Birkbeck College, University of London, July

2015     "Transcendent Death: Artists' Obituaries in the Victorian Press," Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Ghent, Belgium, July

2015     "Self-Fashioning Orientalism as Identity and Transgression," Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc of the Western US, October, Denver

2015     "Art and Science Joined: The Pre-Raphaelites and Nature Magazine," Midwest MLA, Columbus, OH, Nov

2014     Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, “The Aesthetic Ideology of Home and Heritage in The Magazine of Art,” Sept, Wilmington, DE

2014     International Auto/biographical Association, “Abjection in Transit: Voice-overs and Queering Art in Derek Jarman's Caravaggio,” Banff, Canada

2014     College Art Association, "Defying Fashion: Re-inventing Dress, Eroticism and Female Agency in Victorian Painting," Chicago

2014     Interdisciplinary 19th-c. Studies, "Energy and Entropy:  Aestheticism's Images of Women,” Houston

2013     No. American Victorian Studies Assoc., "Curzon's Lamp: Art's Suppression of Evidence," Pasadena

2013     Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Assoc., "Old Modernity & the New Woman in Painting," Portland

2013     Interdisciplinary 19th-c. St, "Cultural Pleasures & the Social Capital of Antiquity," Univ. of Virginia

2013     19th-c. Studies Assoc., "Things in motion: Origins, Authenticity & Global Trajectories," Fresno

2013     Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc Western US, "Old Modernity and the New Woman in Painting," Portland

2013     No. American Victorian St Assoc., "Curzon's Lamp: Affective Evidence for a New History," Pasadena

2013     College Art Assoc., organizer/chair, "Parallel Lines Converging: Art, Fashion and Design Histories," NYC

2012     International Conf. on Romanticism, "The Art of Landscape: Picturesque, Sublime and Oriental," Tempe,

2012     Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, "Training the Sentiments in Art Criticism," Austin

2012     College Art Association, "Going Native: Victorian Portraits of Civilized Barbarity," Los Angeles

2012     Modern Language Association, "Inventing Rossetti: Biographies as Reception," Seattle

2011     No. American Victorian St Conf, "Performing Portraiture: The Case of Carlyle," Nashville, Nov

2011     Interdisciplinary 19th-C. Studies (INCS), "Rossetti's Beauties, Beasts, Birds, and Botanicals," Claremont, CA

2011     19th-C. Studies Association (NCSA), "The Transvaluation of Goods: Painting as a Site of Cultural and Economic Exchange," Albuquerque

2011     Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Assoc of the Western US, "Proprieties of Vision: Seeing Desire," Houston

2011     Modern Language Association, "Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics in Mary Ward's Marcella," Los Angeles

2011     Association of Art Historians, "Inventing History Through Genealogy," Warwick, UK, March

2010     No. American Victorian St Conf, "The Overscaled in Victorian Painting: Haptic Space, Visual Caesura, and the Sensorium," and organized/chaired panel, "On Longing in Victorian Visuality," Montreal

2010     Victorian Interdisciplinary St of Western US, "'Other' Eyes and Victorian Display: Asian Art/," Honolulu

2010     Victorian Interdisciplinary St of West US, Chair, panel, "Eastern Artifacts and Victorian Consumers," Honolulu

2010     Interdisciplinary 19th-c. Studies Conference, "Metaleptic Genealogies: Uncanny Family Resemblances and Invented Cultural ‘Fathers,’" Austin

2009     Western Conference of Association of Asian Studies, "Photographic Interventions and Identities: Colonizing and Decolonizing Maharajas' Bodies"; Organizer/Chair, panel, "Photography and Agency in Asia," Tucson

2009     Southern Comparative Literature Conference, "Translating Empire Films Across Time and Nationality," and Organizer/Chair of panel, "Translation/Transculturation in Visual, Musical, and Performing Arts," Tempe

2009     Artists' Writings 1850-Present, "Private into Public: Rhetorical and Professional Systems in Victorian Artists' Letters," Courtauld Institute, London (unable to attend)

2009     No. American Victorian Studies Assoc., Chair of panel, "Art and Temporality," Cambridge, UK

2009     Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc of Western US, "The Art Press and Art Markets," Vancouver

2009      College Art Association, "Painting as Display: Heterotopic Space, Commodity Culture and Artists' Aesthetic Authority," Los Angeles

2009     Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, Chair, Panel, "Networks in the Art World," Minneapolis

2008     International Congress of the History of Art, "Imperial Exchanges of Goods and National Identities: Swadeshi and Indian Crafts under the Raj," Melbourne, Australia                                   

2008     College Art Association, "Art of Transculturation," and Chair/Organizer, Open Forum, "Art of Transculturation: Imperial Artists, Borders and Encounters," Dallas

2008     International Auto/Biography Assoc, "The Gender of Genius in Artists’ Biopics: Sex and the Studio," Honolulu

2008     Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc. of the Western US, "Market Cycles, Aesthetic Commodities and Heterotopias: The Politics of Tastemaking," Seattle

2007     Modern Language Association, "Women Artists' Life Writings: Performing Identities at Image-and-Text Intersections," Chicago

2007      Conference on British Cinema in the 1970s: "The Ideological Adventure of John Huston's The Man Who Would  Be King (1975)," Exeter, UK

2007     Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc of the Western US, Chair of panel, "Recording Motion: Verbal and Visual  Representations of Travel," Boulder

2007     Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Organizer/chair, Workshop on Empire in Film, Chicago

2007     College Art Association, "Victorian Realisms, Market Cycles and Aesthetic Commodities," NYC

2007     Rocky Mountain European Scholars Consortium, "Re-writing Diversity across Generations: Indian film and the Indian Diaspora in Britain," and organizer/chair of panel "Asia Anglicized, Europe Asianized: The Case Of Contemporary Britain," Tempe

2006     The International Society for Travel Writings, "Indian Travelers’ Narratives: The Guest Discourse, Multiple Identities and Resistant Modernities," Denver

2006     Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc of the Western US, Chair, panel, "Victorian Art's Modern Past"

2006     Society for Cinema & Media Studies, "Paul Robeson's Body: Africa, Empire & Black Masculinity," Vancouver

2006     Association for Asian Studies, "Photographic Portraits of Maharajahs: Interventions and Identities" and Chair/Organizer of panel, "Photographs and Pageantry in Colonial India," San Francisco

2006     International Conference on Romanticism, "Victorian Picturesque: From Aesthetic to Morality in Mary Ward’s Marcella," and Chair/Organizer of panel, "The Persistence of the Romantic Aesthetic," Tempe

2005     Midwest Modern Language Association, "Paul Robeson in 1930s Empire Films: The Black Body Exiled in Imperial History," and Chair/Organizer, Panel, "Africans in Film" Milwaukee

2005     Association of Asian Studies, "Readership and Irony in Late 19th-Century Indian Travel Narratives," and Chair/Organizer of panel, "South Asian Travelers in Image and Text:  Photography, Tourism and Travel Narratives," Chicago

2005     Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc of the Western US (VISAWUS), "Ritualized Dress, Decorum and Politics in the Delhi Coronation Durbars" and Chair/Organizer, Panel, "Imperial Celebrations and Rituals in India,"   Albuquerque; also attended as board member

2005     Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies in the Western US (VISAWUS), Chair, panel, State and Public Rituals

2004     Interl St in Travel Writing, "The Colonial Visitor: Irony & Readership in Indian Travel Narratives," Milwaukee

2004     No Amer Victorian St Assoc (NAVSA), "The Press and the London Visit of Zulu King Cetawayo," Toronto

2004     Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association of the Western US (VISAWUS): Introduced plenary speaker and attended Executive Board meeting as board member

2004     31st International Congress of Art History, "Empire as Gesamtkunstwerk: Delhi Coronation Durbars as Utopian/Atopian Spectacles of the Imagined Empire," Montreal

2004     19th-century Studies Association, "The Raj and the Indian National Congress: Competing for India's Culture," and Chair, panel, "Studies of Imperialism," St. Louis,

2004     College Art Assoc, Chair/Organizer, panel, "British Visual Culture, Public Spectacle, and Visuality," Seattle

2004     Association of Asian Studies, "Indians Abroad: Indian Narratives of Travel to Europe," and Chair/Organizer, panel, "Modern Formations of South Asian Identities," San Diego

2004     International Symposium on Regional Consciousness in India, Chair, " Major Themes, First Examples," Tempe

2003     Midwest Modern Language Association, Chair, panel, Indian Victorian: Gandhi's Autobiography," and Organizer/Chair, "Anglophone Lifewritings and Formations of Colonial Identities," Chicago

2003     Interdisciplinary 19th c. Studies Assoc. Conf, "Local/Global," Paper, "Writing the World’s Culture: Europe and Asia in Victorian Histories of Art," and Chair, "Intertextual Pre-Raphaelitism", London

2003     Anglo-American Conference on the Body, Chair of panel, "Describing 'Other' Bodies in the 18th C.," London

2003     Western Conf of Assoc of Asian St, "Photography & Films of Coronation Durbars of 1903 and 1911," Tempe

2002     College Art Association: "Exhibiting India for Britain," Philadelphia

2002     Lifewritings Conference: "Palimpsests of Gendered Lives: Women Artists’ Autobiographies," Melbourne, AU

2002     Midwest Victorian St Assoc: "Indian Art under the Raj: Crossing Borders," Chicago

2002     Rocky Mt. MLA, "Gandhi as Victorian Sage and Hindu Saint," Scottsdale, AZ

2001     Victoria & Albert Museum conf, "Locating Victorians": "Between Metropole and Colony: British and Colonial Encounters in the Press," and Chair, "Gender & Representation," London

2001     Art and Empire Conf: "Phallic Female & Feminized Empire in British Films of the 1930s," London

2001     College Art Association, Chair, panel, "The Political Economy of Art," Chicago

2001     Performance St Internatl: "Coronation Durbars and Performance of Englishness," Mainz

2001     Victorian Interdisciplinary St Assoc of Western US: "Exhibiting India for the Raj," UCLA

2000     30th International Congress of History of Art: "The Empress’s New Clothes," London

2000     Interdisciplinary 19th C. Studies:  " ‘Other’ Eyes in the Victorian Press," Paris

2000     Material Culture Conf: "Sociologies of the Text: Artists’ Biographies," Edinburgh

2000     Research Society for Victorian Periodicals: "The Empire Writes Back," London

1999     Midwest Victorian St Conf: "Righting the Victorian Artist," Chicago

1998     College Art Assoc: "Intertextual Empire," Toronto

1998     No. American Conf on British St: "The Ironies of Mimicry: Art Collecting in the Raj," CO Sprgs

1997     Interdiscip. 19th-c. St: "Orientalism & Archaeology in Wm. Holman Hunt's Painting," Lancaster

1996     NW Regional Asian Studies Association Meeting: Chair, Session on India, Arizona State U

1996     College Art Assoc, Co-Chair, panel, "British Colonialism & Cultural Exchanges," Boston

1996     Interdisciplinary 19th-C. St conf: "Indian Art Collecting & Display in the Raj," New Haven

1995     John Ruskin Symposium: "John Ruskin's Political Economy of Art," Santa Fe

1995     College Art Assoc. conf: "Madox Brown's Manchester Town Hall Murals," San Antonio

1995     American Association of Higher Education, Panelist on Strategic Planning Initiatives, Phoenix

1994     Modern Language Assoc conf:  "Keats and the Pre-Raphaelite Artist," San Diego

1994     Natl Council of Art Administrators, Facilitator, "Rethinking Paradigms--Outreach," Chicago

1994     No. American British St conf: "Keats in Pre-Raphaelite Painting," Vancouver

1994     American Assoc. of Higher Ed Conf: "On Evaluating Faculty Artists," New Orleans

1994     Historians of British Art: Commentator, Session New Directions in British Art History, Yale

1993     W States British Studies Meeting: "Victorian Cellini: Wm. Powell Frith’s Autobiography," NM

1993     College Art Assoc. Meeting:  "Posthumous Auto/biographies: Keeping the Dead Alive," Seattle

1993     Phoenix Art Museum Ruskin Symposium, Moderator of Symposium Panel, Phoenix

1992     Modern Language Assoc. Meeting: "Revivals and Revisions: Pre-Raphaelites after 1900," NYC

1992     Interdisciplinary 19th C. St: "Woman/Artist/Socialist in Ward's Marcella," New Orleans

1991     College Art Assoc, "Creating Patrons," Washington, D. C.

1991     Mod Lang Assoc Meeting: "Hybrid Biography & the Victorian Artist," San Francisco     

1990     Interdisciplinary 19th C. St: "The Engendered Body and the Body Social," Long Beach


Spring 2022
Course Number Course Title
ARS 330 The Portrait
FSH 394 Special Topics
ARS 394 Special Topics
ARS 493 Honors Thesis
ARS 499 Individualized Instruction
ARS 590 Reading and Conference
ARS 592 Research
ARS 599 Thesis
ARS 690 Reading and Conference
ARS 700 Research Methods
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ARS 799 Dissertation
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ARS 330 The Portrait
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ARS 330 The Portrait
ARS 434 Revolution to Impressionism
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ARS 592 Research
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ARS 599 Thesis
ARS 690 Reading and Conference
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ARS 792 Research
ARS 799 Dissertation
Fall 2019
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FMS 427 Identity and World Film
ARS 440 Identity and World Film
ARS 492 Honors Directed Study
ARS 498 Pro-Seminar
ARS 499 Individualized Instruction
FMS 527 Identity and World Film
ARS 540 Identity and World Film
ARS 590 Reading and Conference
ARS 591 Seminar
ARS 592 Research
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ARS 692 Research
ARS 790 Reading and Conference
ARS 792 Research
ARS 799 Dissertation
Spring 2019
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ARS 792 Research
ARS 799 Dissertation
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ARS 499 Individualized Instruction
ARS 590 Reading and Conference
ARS 595 Continuing Registration
ARS 599 Thesis
ARS 692 Research
ARS 790 Reading and Conference
ARS 792 Research
ARS 799 Dissertation
Spring 2018
Course Number Course Title
ARS 330 The Portrait
ENG 428 The Pre-Raphaelites
ARS 435 The Pre-Raphaelites
ARS 493 Honors Thesis
ARS 499 Individualized Instruction
ARS 533 The Pre-Raphaelites
ARS 599 Thesis
ARS 690 Reading and Conference
ARS 692 Research
ARS 792 Research
ARS 799 Dissertation
Fall 2017
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ARS 102 Art from Renaissance/Present
ARS 394 Special Topics
ARA 484 Internship
ARS 492 Honors Directed Study
ARS 493 Honors Thesis
ARS 498 Pro-Seminar
ARS 499 Individualized Instruction
ARA 499 Individualized Instruction
ARA 584 Internship
ARS 590 Reading and Conference
ARS 591 Seminar
ARA 592 Research
ARS 592 Research
ARS 599 Thesis
ARS 690 Reading and Conference
ARS 692 Research
ARS 790 Reading and Conference
ARS 792 Research
ARS 799 Dissertation



Arizona State University: 1991-pres., Arizona State University: Professor, Art History. Faculty, Certificate in Global Cinema; Affiliate Faculty: Women and Gender Studies, Film and Media Studies (FMS), English Dept., Center for Asian Research, Center for the Study of Film, Media and Popular Culture

U of Montana:    1979-90, Dept of Art:  Prof., 1989-90; Associate Prof., 1985-89; Asst. Prof., 1979-85

                      Affiliate faculty, Humanities Program

Courses taught at ASU: Art and Money; From Revolution to Realism in the 19th c.; The Body in 19th c. Art; Images of Italians and Italian-Americas in US Media (FMS Rome Program, summer 2013); The Portrait; Artists in Film: Artist Biopics (cross-listed English, FMS); Identity and World Film (cross-listed English, FMS); Films of India (cross-listed English, FMS); British Culture and Empire (cross-listed English); Empire Cinema (cross-listed English, FMS); Film History (cross-listed FMS); The Pre-Raphaelites (cross-listed English); The Self in Victorian Culture (autobiography and portraiture; cross-listed English); Critical Theories in the Visual Arts; Collectors and Dealers; The Body in Art;

ONLINE COURSES: The Pre-Raphaelites; Identity & World Film; The Portrait

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