Ecologies and Infrastructures: Cultural Techniques of Environmental Management

Image of power lines in the desert

All are welcome at this ASU virtual symposium in celebration of Earth Week.


What if the era of environmental preservation has already passed us by, and we have entered a new era of environmental invention, genesis, production, and fabulation? What future contributions can the human (or posthuman) sciences make to sustainability work? These are the questions motivating the first King's College London / Arizona State University symposium on "Ecologies and Infrastructures." Faced with unprecedented uncertainty about environmental futures, this symposium considers the speculative environments born out in demos and datasets, that deploy the lived world as a planetary testbed. Central to this is a consideration of the multispecies communities that come together around these environmental infrastructures. Join our lineup of experts for two panels of thought-provoking discussion about the cultural techniques of environmental management.

ASU participants include: Lisa Han, Jacob Greene, and Ed Finn. KCL participants are: Joanna Zylinska, Güneş Tavmen, Jonathan Gray, and Gabriele Colombo.

Part of the ASU Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory Earth Week programming, this event was organized and moderated by Bernard Geoghegan (KCL) and Lisa Yin Han (ASU), with an introduction by Joni Adamson (Focal Lead, Human Sciences, Global Futures Laboratory, ASU). It was co-organized by ASU’s Environmental Humanities Initiative and Department of English and by King's College London.

Lisa Han
Friday, Apr. 22, 2022, 8:30-10:30 a.m. MST/AZ
Free of charge and open to the public

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