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"Fiesta Inn Motel" Maritsa Leyva-Martinez MFA Defense

Professor T.M. McNally, Chair. Professor Tara Ison, Committee Member.  ::  ABSTRACT: The Fiesta Inn Motel, an interconnected collection of short stories, born of Emily Dickinson's "143," follows the lives the inhabitants of the inn. Through the narrator, Damon, the audience is invited to step into the lives of these characters. Characters in-between, born out of negative space into poverty, without possessions or recognition; who have difficulty expressing the intricacies of their own humanity; who transition from infancy into adulthood crammed along corners and shoved into borrowed, fecund spaces, making it almost impossible to rejoice in any kind of intimacy; persons who either assimilate or reject acculturation; outcasts, migrants, and descendants of immigrants, new Americans, who give into amoral predicaments to get by another day. Anonymous people who get bent out of shape under the weight of misery; people who, without knowing, know about lots of things they have not seen because they undergo (life) even as they weep and in doing so find "the thing with feathers." Or don't. A class of characters categorized: survivor or believer.

Jennifer Irish
Thursday, Apr. 12, 2018, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
Piper Writers House (PWH)
Tempe campus