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ICOL Lecture by Brent Wolter: A Beginning without an End?

Flyer advertising ICOL lecture by Brent Wolter

The Interdisciplinary Committee on Linguistics (ICOL) at ASU presents a talk about how we wrangle words by Professor Brent Wolter from Idaho State University: "A Beginning without an End? A Holistic Account of Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition." 

Attend via Zoom

In this lecture, Wolter provides an account of second language (L2) vocabulary acquisition that moves from initial recognition of form and meaning and progresses through later stages of semantic refinement and broader integration into the mental lexicon. During the talk, he will highlight some of the main challenges faced by learners in acquiring a rich and sophisticated L2 vocabulary. He will also indicate areas of L2 lexical acquisition that are still poorly understood and in need of further exploration.

The Department of English at ASU is a host of ICOL events.

Friday, Oct. 22, 2021, 1-2 p.m. AZ time
All are welcome.