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James Bennett MFA Defense: 'What Goes Up Must Come Down'

Committee: Jennifer Irish, Matt Bell, and Dra. Ligia Bezerra. ::  ABSTRACT: What Goes Up Must Come Down is a story-turned-novel that features a community of professores at a local high school in Mozambique's Niassa province who decide to build an elevator on the side of the school's water tower in order to test the statement in the 10th grade geografia textbook that classifies elevators as a "mode" of transporte, alongside planes, trains, boats, and cars. After a local administrador gets stuck at the top, however, the professores begin to experience what it means to sleep in the proverbial riverbed: lusulo lwangali mesi, ngasimgona. Join us as we embark on this Investigation of Geographical and Transportational Phenomena, where science experiments, hypertension, lonely expats, Brazilian telenovelas, American tourists, private security companies, Catholic archbishops, neoliberalism, Higher Love, and miracles all coexist.

Link to attend will be emailed upon registration/RSVP.

Justin Petropoulos
Tuesday, Mar. 30, 2021, 12 p.m.