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Words of Music with Luca Fassina

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Luca Fassina has been a music journalist since 1989: he wrote for Hard!, Monsters!, Metal Maniac, Today Fassina is a senior editor for Classic Rock. As a book writer, he  published biographies and music books (100 Grandi Rock Ballad with rock DJ Marco  Garavelli, Headbang ’80 with photographer P.G. Brunelli, Rock Tombstones…).
Fassina is also a book translator (Marky Ramone and Ronnie James Dio biographies from English,  weird literature from French), a scenarist, storyteller, blogger, radio public speaker, and adjunct professor at the Master in Music Journalism (CPM Music Institute).
Fassina's visit is sponsored by ASU's School of International Letters and Cultures and Department of English.
Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, 12-1:15 p.m.
All are welcome.