YAWP Summer Guest Author Event: Session B

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The Young Adult Writing Program (YAWP) at ASU hosts YA author and educational activist Camille Campbell in a virtual event about writing in different genres, reading to find patterns in stories, and learning about plotting through reading books.


Before Camille Campbell began writing stories, she fell in love with fantasy books and found that reading taught her fundamental lessons on writing. Campbell will share some published books that can offer inspiration to readers and use books like "The School for Good and Evil" as an example for plotting and character development. She will touch upon essential parts of a plot and character design and share ways to incorporate key elements to make a good story. Referencing popular books, she will show how almost every story and movie have key elements present in its story structure and how using it can better whatever story is being told. 

A writer who loves to bring a cinematic touch to her novels, Campbell will introduce the art of storytelling in a similar way to crafting a movie. Then, Campbell will share advice for writing in different genres and entering writing competitions. She’ll touch upon how she wrote an essay that was recognized by The New York Times’ writing contest, her method of getting her poetry published, and how to maximize the chances of your work standing out in publications. Sharing her work, Campbell will also touch upon using writing as a tool of activism and share tips on writing essays, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and novel writing.

The event is free of charge, open to the public, and primarily appropropriate for kids entering grades 5-12.

Mustafa Khaleel
Thursday, Jun. 23, 2022, 10-11:30 a.m.
Free of charge and open to the public

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