Young Wha Lee PhD Defense: 'Exploring Identities of Second Language Writing Teachers'

Committee: Mark James (Chair), Aya Matsuda, Karen Adams.  ::  ABSTRACT: This qualitative study examines second language (L2) writing teachers' narrated identities (i.e., the teachers' perceptions of themselves) and enaction of these identities (i.e., students' perceptions of those teachers; those teachers' classroom behaviors). It also investigates if there are any positive impacts on students from enaction of those identities. I define L2 writing teachers' identity as a perception which is created by different perceivers (e.g., L2 writing teachers, students, classroom observers) mediated through the perceivers' actions, tools, or interactions (e.g., teaching practices, teaching materials, or teacher-student interactions). In order to investigate narrated identities and enacted identities of L2 writing teachers, I conducted interviews with three L2 writing teachers of first-year composition for multilingual writers in the U.S., along with student interviews and classroom observations. Since identity can involve self-perceptions and others' perceptions, this study investigates L2 writing teachers' identities through the analysis of multiple perceptions representing those perspectives. The findings showed that there are 10 narrated identities of these L2 writing teachers, and all of these narrated identities were enacted except for one. The findings also indicated that there are positive impacts on students from enaction of these identities when that enaction involved certain teaching practices. These findings suggested that L2 writing teachers can maintain positive L2 writing teaching practices. As pedagogical content experts in L2 writing, L2 writing teachers can make their teaching practices more informed by seeking out teaching resources and insights from various disciplines. They can also teach L2 writers by addressing L2 writers' needs with positive emotions, providing guided freedom and individualized help, and understanding L2 writers' educational backgrounds.

This is a virtual event:

Sheila Luna
Friday, Nov. 6, 2020, 3 p.m.

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