Shawn Banzhaf, a military advocate at the ASU West campus, presents ASU professor James Blasingame with a Tillman Center Honor Roll Award.

Blasingame awarded Tillman Center honor roll award


Kristen LaRue-Sandler

On March 13, English professor James Blasingame received an ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center Honor Roll award. Shawn Banzhaf, a military advocate at the ASU West campus, conferred the honor.

Blasingame was nominated by John Valles, an ASU Online student and English major who is also an active duty soldier. According to Valles, "I changed assignments in the middle of a term to a job that required time in the field and long hours. I emailed [Blasingame] and he was flexible enough to ensure I was still able to get all assignments completed around my schedule. It means a lot to me when a professor will work with me when my military service makes it difficult to stay on schedule."

Blasingame said he was happy to accomodate. "Valles had brilliant papers and brought a lot of insight to the subject matter of young adult literature."

According to the Center's Facebook page, the purpose of the award is "to recognize ASU staff, faculty, administration and community members who have gone above and beyond in assisting our ASU military and veteran community."


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