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English faculty receive 16-17 Institute for Humanities Research funding


Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Research in the ASU Department of English crosses boundaries and our faculty are engaged in work across the university as well. To that end, several faculty have garnered support for 16-17 from the Institute for Humanities Research to further progress on their individual and collective projects:

Seed Grant: Mapping History Project: Stories of the Southwest

  • Robert Bjork (Foundation Professor) with PI Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez (STS), and Co-PIs Sharonah Fredrick (ACMRS), and Theresa Avila (STS)

Research Cluster: Global Cultures of the Modern, 1750-1850

  • George Justice (Professor and CLAS Dean) with Victoria Thompson (SHPRS)


Research Cluster: Listening to Refugees: Engaging with Arizona Refugee Communities

Research Cluster: Embodied Cognition in Performance

  • Ana Hedberg Olenina (Faculty Associate) with Bonnie Eckard (Film, Dance & Theatre), Eric Amazeen (Psych), and Natalia Dounskaia (Nutrition)

Fellowship: New Directions for Economic Approaches to English Renaissance Drama