Images of book and journal covers by Jonathan Bate, Jeffrey Cohen, Matthew Prior and Doris Warriner.

Happy ‘pub’ days: Bate, Cohen, Prior, Warriner


Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Four top faculty members in the ASU Department of English announce the recent and forthcoming publication of new titles. Work already garnering acclaim includes a U.S. edition of a U.K. standout; an environmental humanities field companion; a new research journal seeking submissions; and a timely edited collection centered on language and the refugee experience.


Bright Star, Green Light: The Beautiful Works and Damned Lives of John Keats and F. Scott Fitzgerald (Yale University Press, 2021)

Sir Jonathan Bate’s well-regarded biography-in-parallel of two literary luminaries is released in a U.S. edition. From the publisher:

In this radiant dual biography, Jonathan Bate explores the fascinating parallel lives of John Keats and F. Scott Fitzgerald, writers who worked separately—on different continents, a century apart, in distinct genres—but whose lives uncannily echoed.

Not only was Fitzgerald profoundly influenced by Keats, titling Tender is the Night and other works from the poet’s lines, but the two shared similar fates: both died young, loved to drink, were plagued by tuberculosis, were haunted by their first love, and wrote into a new decade of release, experimentation, and decadence. Both were outsiders and Romantics, longing for the past as they sped blazingly into the future.

Using Plutarch’s ancient model of “parallel lives,” Jonathan Bate recasts the inspired lives of two of the greatest and best‑known Romantic writers. Commemorating both the bicentenary of Keats’ death and the centenary of the Roaring Twenties, this is a moving exploration of literary influence.

Bate is Foundation Professor of environmental humanities at ASU, with a joint appointment in the Department of English and the Global Futures Laboratory.


The Cambridge Companion to Environmental Humanities (Cambridge University Press, 2021)

Jeffrey Cohen and Stephanie Foote collaborated on this volume in the Cambridge Companions to Literature series. From the publisher:

This Companion offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the environmental humanities, an interdisciplinary movement that responds to a world reconfigured by climate change and its effects, from environmental racism and global migration to resource impoverishment and the importance of the nonhuman world. It addresses the twenty-first century recognition of an environmental crisis – its antecedents, current forms, and future trajectories – as well as possible responses to it. This books foregrounds scholarship from different periods, fields, and global locations, but it is organized to give readers a working context for the foundational debates. Each chapter examines a key topic or theme in Environmental Humanities, shows why that topic emerged as a category of study, explores the different approaches to the topics, suggests future avenues of inquiry, and considers the topic's global implications, especially those that involve environmental justice issues.

Cohen is dean of humanities in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at ASU, where he is also professor of English.


Research Methods in Applied Linguistics (Elsevier, 2021)

With Shaofeng Li as editor-in-chief, Matthew Prior serves as associate editor of this brand new journal published by Elsevier. From the journal's aims and scope:

Research Methods in Applied Linguistics is the first and only journal devoted exclusively to research methods in applied linguistics, a discipline that explores real-world language-related issues and phenomena. Core areas of applied linguistics include bilingualism and multilingualism, computer-assisted language learning, conversation analysis, corpus linguistics, critical studies, discourse analysis, forensic linguistics, identity, language assessment, language policy and planning, language and migration, literacy, pragmatics, psycholinguistics, raciolinguistics, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, teacher education, and translation and interpreting. The journal takes a domain-specific approach and publishes articles investigating current and new methodologies that have been developed for and/or are incorporated into the discipline of applied linguistics and its subdomains. The journal does not exclude submissions investigating methods and tools that are also applicable to, or introduced from, other disciplines, but they must be examined from the perspective of applied linguistics and for the purpose of solving problems in this discipline. The scope of the journal encompasses all aspects of research methods, including research design, data collection, data coding, data analysis, and reporting practices. The journal welcomes research from all paradigms, be they quantitative, qualitative, or mixed, and methods of all kinds, whether they are utilized to observe the occurrence of a phenomenon or behavior, explore correlations, or examine causal relationships.

Prior is associate professor in the Department of English at ASU, where he directs the program in linguistics and applied linguistics.


Refugee Education across the Lifespan: Mapping Experiences of Language Learning and Use (Springer, 2021)

Doris Warriner edited this collection of educational linguistics essays. From the publisher:

This edited volume demonstrates how an educational linguistics approach to inquiry is well-positioned to identify, examine, and theorize the language and literacy dimensions of refugee-background learners’ experiences. Contributions (from junior and senior scholars) explore and interrogate the policies, practices and ideologies of language and literacy in formal and informal educational settings as well as their implications for teaching and learning. Chapters in this collection will inform advances in the research base, future innovations in pedagogy, the professional development of teachers, and the educational opportunities that are made available to refugee-background children, youth and adults. The work showcased here will be of particular interest to teachers and teacher educators committed to inclusion, equity, and diversity; those developing curriculum and/or assessment; and researchers interested in the relationship between language practice, language policy and refugee education.

Warriner is a professor in the Department of English at ASU, where she is also associate chair of personnel.

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