Covers of books by Michael Cryer; Joey Eschrich and Ed Finn; and Paul Matsuda, Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, and Katherine Daily O'Meara

Happy 'pub' days: Cryer; Eschrich, Finn; Matsuda, Snyder, O’Meara


Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Three ASU English faculty, two alumni, and one student are celebrating the recent and forthcoming releases of new books of proverbs, stratospheric sci-fi, and second-language writing research.

Selected Proverbs: Poems (Elixir Press, 2017)

Michael Brooks Cryer’s book is winner of the 2016 Elixir Press Antivenom Poetry Award. Contest judge Seth Brady Tucker had this to say about the collection, which is distributed by SPD Books:

Michael Brooks Cryer's poetry comes to us riding on static radio frequencies, channeled through the ether of our discontents and our vices; voices that purr and screech and caution us not to look away, but acknowledge that language is mutable, that “In the beginning, the word was misused like a rag is misused when stopping up the mouth of a hostage.” We hear his epistles loosed by an array of voices, their visions cloudy and clear, strange and comforting; they show us, “a gurney screech [ing] by with a ballerina on it,” they ask us to pay attention and listen. These poems are assured, lively, and filled with a caustic wit, and Cryer plays his poems like “a bed of strings where [he] condition[s] your mood.” Let these sequences melt like wax candles over your HAM radio, put your ear to the leather ear pads, listen to this important voice.

Cryer is an Instructor of English at ASU where he teaches writing. His poems and reviews have appeared in Quarterly West, Ecotone, DIAGRAM, Hayden's Ferry Review, Cortland Review and other journals; he is also an occasional freelance music critic for the Phoenix New Times.



Overview: Stories in the Stratosphere (ASU Center for Science and the Imagination, 2017)

With Michael G. Bennett, Joey Eschrich and Ed Finn co-edited this unusual science-fiction story collection. From the CSI website:

A collection of science fiction stories, art, and speculative timelines exploring the near future of the stratosphere. From Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey to The Martian, great science fiction stories have shaped how we think about voyages into deep space—but what kinds of gripping confrontations and adventures might unfold in near space, above the clouds?

Overview features contributions from renowned science fiction authors David Brin, Tobias Buckell, Brenda Cooper, Carter Scholz, and Karl Schroeder, working in collaboration with illustrators, graphic designers, and experts in fields ranging from human spaceflight and signal processing to law and tourism.

Eschrich is the Editor and Program Manager for the Center for Science and the Imagination at ASU. He is also an ASU alum; he earned his master’s degree in gender studies in 2011 and his bachelor’s degree in film and media studies in 2008. In addition to Overview, he is the co-editor of Everything Change: An Anthology of Climate Fiction (2016) and the managing editor of Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future (2014) and Frankenstein: Annotated for Scientists, Engineers and Creators of All Kinds (2017).

Finn is the founding Director of the Center for Science and the Imagination at ASU, where he is an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering and the Department of English. He also serves as the academic director of Future Tense, a partnership between ASU, New America and Slate Magazine, co-director of the Frankenstein Bicentennial Project and a co-director of Emerge, an annual festival of art, ideas and the future.


Professionalizing Second Language Writing (Parlor Press, 2017)

Paul Kei Matsuda, Sarah Elizabeth Snyder, and Katherine Daily O'Meara edited this collection of scholarly essays. From the publisher:

Professionalizing Second Language Writing brings together perspectives of second language writing specialists who shed light on second language writing as a profession. Some of the chapters illuminate the nature of second language writing not only as a field but as a profession. Other chapters provide an in-depth look at the issues second language writing specialists face as they go through various stages of professional development in their institutional contexts. Together, these chapters provide insights that can help graduate students and early career professionals as they envision their future and cope with new issues and challenges in their own processes of professionalization. Contributors include Dwight Atkinson, Pisarn Bee Chamcharatsri, Deborah Crusan, Atsushi Iida, Soo Hyon Kim, Todd Ruecker, Tanita Saenkhum, and Christine M. Tardy.

Matsuda is Professor of English and Director of Second Language Writing at ASU, where he works closely with doctoral students specializing in second language writing. He is co-founding chair of the Symposium on Second Language Writing and editor of the Parlor Press Series on Second Language Writing.

Snyder is a PhD Candidate in English at ASU where she specializes in second language writing and writing program administration. She has also served as the Associate Director of Second Language Writing at ASU.

O'Meara is an ASU alum, having earned her PhD in English in 2016. She is currently Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition and the Director of Composition at Emporia State University.

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