Courtesy photo of Cari Munoz

MFA student Cari Muñoz selected for Center for Imagination in the Borderlands fellowship


Kristen LaRue-Sandler and Kareli Lizarraga

The Center for Imagination in the Borderlands, directed by Associate Professor of English Natalie Diaz, announces MFA in creative writing student Cari Muñoz as the 2022-2023 Artistic Development and Teaching Assistant Fellow. 

"We were excited to escalate Cari’s research in creating expansive knowledge that goes beyond the binaries often assigned to race, gender, sexuality, and diaspora," the Center said in a release. "Their positioning of poetry as a form of counter-storytelling is an important pathway to decentering knowledge and power structures in the classroom. Cari will be bringing these and other inquiries to a course of their design, ENG 394 Topic: Poetics of  the Borderlands. This course will be in conversation with the Center’s overall research and will be created by Cari with guidance from Director Natalie Diaz. We encourage you to sign up for this course, offered in Spring 2023. Please be on the lookout for a flier with more course information in the future."

The Center for Imagination in the Borderlands is an Indigenous space that thrives through strategic and exploratory modes of research, conversation, and performance. According to the center: "Essential to our understanding of Indigineity is a kinship with the land, a connection that moves beyond 'where we are' or 'how we got here' and represents an evolving awareness and practice of relationality with land, water, and other human and non-human life. The scholarship and experiences Cari brings are foundational to how we plan to imagine and shape Arizona’s future. We are excited to imagine and create alongside them."

For more information about the center or the fellow position, please contact Assistant Director Kareli Lizarraga.

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