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From the page to the stars: Summer Session B at ASU English


Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Fully online for Summer Session B, 2020 ASU Department of English courses run the gamut from Shakespeare to Star Wars, spanning centuries (and galaxies) of knowledge. 

Learn about English's history, future, and everything in between in these select offerings which run from July 1 to August 2, 2020: 

ENG 101 First-Year Composition(Brown)
ENG 102 First-Year Composition(Multiple)
ENG 105 Advanced First-Year Composition(Multiple)
ENG 108 First-Year Composition Multilingual(Tan)
ENG 200 Critical Reading & Writing About Lit (L / HU)(Multiple)
ENG 301Writing For Professions (L)(Oakley)
ENG 302Business Writing (WP Carey ONLY) (L)(Multiple)
ENG 319Future of English(A. Matsuda)
ENG 321 Shakespeare (L / HU)(Hawkes)
ENG 394 Contemporary Fiction for Writers(Danielson)
ENG 471 Literature for Young Adults (HU)(Blasingame)
ENG 472Rhetorical Studies (L)(Greene)
FMS 100  Intro to Film (HU)(Martinez)
FMS 300 Television & Cultural Studies (L / HU)(Martinez)
FMS 394 Star Wars (L / HU)(Sandler)
FMS 394 Video Games and Narrative(Holmes)
ENG 502 Contemporary Critical Theories(Castle)
ENG 534 Shakespeare(Irish)
ENG 540 Teaching Young Adult Literature(Blasingame)
ENG 556 Theories of Literacy(Warriner)
ENG 560 English Drama(Zarka)
FMS 598 Media Stardom and Celebrity(Florini)
LIN 510  Linguistics(Spasovski)
LIN 517History of the English Language(Naughton)
LIN 520 2nd Language Acquisition Theories(Lima)
ENG 597 Graduate Capstone Seminar(Hicks)
LIN 597 MTESOL Capstone(Snyder)


All classes are Internet-based via ASU Online or ASU Sync. Visit ASU class search for specific section and platform information.

Questions? Contact us at 480-965-3168 or english@asu.edu.

L = meets General Studies Literature requirement  |  HU = meets General Studies Humanities requirement

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