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Snakes alive! It's the finale of Night of the Open Door


Penny Walker

For five evenings over the course of February, the public was invited onto Arizona State University's campuses for Night of the Open Door to see what each has to offer in the form of interactive games, informative displays and plenty of fun. This weekend was the big finale, with scores of activities across the Tempe campus. 

Scroll down for video and photos of the fun.


Learners of all ages found animals, art, meteorites, medieval swordfights, science and spectacles as they explored the largest of ASU's campuses.

Check out the Night of the Open Door at the earlier events this month: 

The fun and learning aren't over

Night of the Open Door may be finished for this year, but ASU's campuses still offer lots of talks, demonstrations, film screenings and more — many of which are free and open to the public. Visit the ASU Events site at for more information.

And each autumn, ASU's Homecoming celebration welcomes the public onto the Tempe campus, where more than 100 departments and organizations offer interactive fun and learning. See scenes from the 2016 event here