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Newsletter of the Department of English
at Arizona State University

Fall 2015-Winter 2016
Volume 19, Issue 1

Keywords for Environmental Studies, co-authored by Joni Adamson

Joni Adamson, William A. Gleason, and David N. Pellow. Keywords for Environmental Studies. NYU Press, 2016.

John Green: Teen Whisperer, co-authored by James Blasingame

James Blasingame, Kathleen Deakin (PhD 2010), and Laura A. (Walsh) Brown (BAE 1995; PhD 2010). John Green: Teen Whisperer. Rowman & Littlefield, 2015.

Reading the Modernist Bildungsroman by Gregory Castle

Gregory CastleReading the Modernist Bildungsroman. Paperback. Univ. Press of Florida, 2015.


The Dead and Other Stories, edited by Melissa Free

Melissa Free, ed. The Dead and Other Stories, by James Joyce. Broadview, 2014.



Shakespeare and Economic Theory by David Hawkes

David HawkesShakespeare and Economic Theory. Bloomsbury, 2016.


Jane Austen and Her Contemporaries edited by Devoney Looser

Devoney Looser, ed. Jane Austen and Her ContemporariesSpecial Issue of The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation 56: 2 (Summer 2015). 

Korean translation by From Sand Creek by Simon Ortiz

Simon Ortiz샌드크리크로부터/From Sand Creek. Korean trans. by Seong-Hoon Kim. Communicationbooks, 지식을만드는지식(ZMZ), division of 커뮤니케이션북스㈜, 2015.

Represented talk across activities and languages co-edited by Matthew Prior

Matthew T. Prior and Gabriele Kasper, guest eds. Represented talk across activities and languages. Special Issue of Text & Talk 35:6 (December 2015).

Towers Falling by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Jewell Parker RhodesTowers Falling. Little, Brown, 2016.


Cyclical Change Continued edited by Elly van Gelderen

Elly van Gelderen, ed. Cyclical Change Continued. John Benjamins, 2016.

Journeys through Time and Space,co-edited by Ed Finn

Ed Finn and G. Pascal Zachary, eds. Journeys Through Time and Space. Tomorrow Project Anthology. ASU Center for Science and the Imagination, Intel Tomorrow Project, and Society for Science & the Public, 2015.

The Norton Field Guide to Writing, 4th ed, co-authored by Maureen Daly Goggin

Richard Bullock, Maureen Daly Goggin, Francine Weinberg. The Norton Field Guide to Writing, 4th ed. W.W. Norton, 2016.


A Gossip's Story, co-edited by Devoney Looser

Devoney Looser, Melinda O'Connell and Caitlin Kelly, eds. A Gossip's Story, and A Legendary Tale (1796) Jane West. Valancourt, 2015.


The Grail: A Casebook by Dhira Mahoney

Dhira B. MahoneyThe Grail: A Casebook. Paperback. Routledge, 2015.


Emotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research by Matthew Prior

Matthew T. PriorEmotion and Discourse in L2 Narrative Research. Multilingual Matters, 2015.

Proceedings of the Fortieth Western Conference on Linguistics. Volume Twenty-two WECOL 2013 co-edited by Claire Renaud and Kathryn Pruitt

Claire Renaud, Carla Ghanem, Verónica González López, and Kathryn Pruitt, eds. Proceedings of the Fortieth Western Conference on Linguistics. Volume Twenty-two WECOL 2013. Dept. of Linguistics, CSU, Fresno, 2014.

Let us have articles betwixt us, co-edited by Elly van Gelderen

Sten Vikner, Henrik Jørgensen and Elly van Gelderen, eds. Let us have articles betwixt us: Papers in Historical and Comparative Linguistics in Honour of Johanna L. Wood. Dept. of English, School of Communication & Culture, Aarhus University, 2016.

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