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Newsletter of the Department of English
at Arizona State University

Fall 2015-Winter 2016
Volume 19, Issue 1

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Cover of Mishap Mansion co-authored by Allison BeckertAllison Beckert (BA 2012) and Jennifer Bigelow. Mishap Mansion. Paperback. AOS, 2015.

Cover of John Green, co-authored by James BlasingameJames Blasingame, Kathleen Deakin (PhD 2010), and Laura A. (Walsh) Brown (BAE 1995; PhD 2010). John Green: Teen Whisperer. Rowman & Littlefield, 2015.

Cover of The Mad Feast: An Ecstatic Tour through America’s Food, by Matthew Gavin FrankMatthew Gavin Frank (MFA 2006). The Mad Feast: An Ecstatic Tour through America’s Food. W.W. Norton/Liveright, 2015.

Cover of My Son Dave (The Duck) by Plynn Gutman, Illustrated VersionPlynn Gutman (BIS 2005). My Son Dave (The Duck): A Story About Loving and Letting Go. Illustrated version. Plynn Gutman, 2016.

Cover of The Work of Her Hands, 2nd edition by Plynn GutmanPlynn Gutman (BIS 2005). The Work of Her Hands: A Prairie Woman's Life in Remembrances and Recipes, 2nd ed. Plynn Gutman, 2015.

Cover of Viable, by Julie HensleyJulie Hensley (MFA 2002). Viable. Five Oaks, 2015.

Cover of Delicate Men by Robert Dean JohnsonRobert Dean Johnson (MFA 2003). Delicate Men. Alternative Book Press, 2014.

Cover of Korean translation of From Sand Creek by Simon Ortiz, translated by Seong-Hoon KimSeong-Hoon Kim (PhD 2014), trans. 샌드크리크로부터. Korean translation of From Sand Creek by Simon Ortiz. Seoul, South Korea: Communicationbooks, 지식을만드는지식(ZMZ), division of 커뮤니케이션북스㈜.

Cover of Karankawa by Iliana RochaIliana Rocha (MFA 2008). Karankawa. Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 2015.

Cover of Conceding Composition, by Ryan SkinnellRyan Skinnell (PhD 2011). Conceding Composition: A Crooked History of Composition's Institutional Fortunes. Utah State Univ. Press, 2016.

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