Peterson, Justin Bruce

Syntactic cartography as a forensic linguistics tool: A retrospective analysis of prepositional phrases in two appellate court cases
Presented: Spring 2017 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)

Wolfe, Andrew

Auxiliary to T Movement: Evidence from Adverbs
Presented: Spring 2017 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)


Hickman, Paris
Attitudes Toward English Word Usage in American English Speakers of Different Varieties
Presented: Spring 2016 (Chair: Robert Bjork)

Wauneka, Devennie
 "The Story Must be Told As It Is" - Colonial Spiritual Self-Identification and Resistance in Leslie Marmon Silko and Luci Tapahonso
Presented:  Fall 2016 (Chair: Joni Adamson) 



Al-Qadi, Mona
Intransitivity and Causative Alternation Phenomenon in Arabic.
Presented: Spring 2015 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Alsaeedi, Mekhlid
The Rise of a New Copula in Arabic
Presented: Spring 2015 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Brubaker, Heidi
The Grammaticalization of ONLY and JUST
Presented: Spring 2015 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Hamouda, Abdelhamid
Arabic-English Code Switching in the Egyptian Talk Show 'Shabab Beek'
Presented: Spring 2015 (Chair: Karen Adams)
Makiyama, Alexander
Diachronic Sound Changes in Eastern Old Japanese Dialects and Their Relationship to Parallel Developments Found in Ryukyuan Langauages
Presented: Spring 2015 (Chair: Kathryn Pruitt)


Fulton, Holly
Presenting ASU's Ethos: Old Main as a Seat of Argument
Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair:  Kathleen Lamp)

Garib, Ali
A VOT Measurement of the Mispronunciation of /p/ and /b/ in Word-Initial Positions by Libyan Speakers of English
Presented:  Fall 2014 (chair: Kathryn Pruitt)

Gersten, Olivia
"Tell it right":  Bidialectal Practices in the Secondary EnglishClassroom"
Presented:  Fall 2014 (co-chairs:  Karen Adams and Matthew Prior)

Kilduff, Josiah
Reporting Live From Edge City:  The Dynamic 'Statuspheres' of Tom Wolfe's America
Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair:  Simon Ortiz)

Lemman, Krista
Colored Green: Reading Fortune in Three of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair: Robert Sturges)

Loewenhagen, Angela
Negation Particles and Historical Linguistics: What Part of "Not" Do You Not Understand?
Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair:  Elly van Gelderen)

Nunn, Theda
Discourse Markers as Predictors of Success for the TOEFL
Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair: Claire Renaud)

Turney, Brittany
The Gyant's Giant Meaning:  An Application of Monster Theory to Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene
Presented: Spring 2014 (Chair:  Cora Fox)


Alanazi, Muqbil
Negative Polarity Items and Negative Concord in Modern Standard Arabic
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Albuhayri, Salem
The Promotional System in Standard Arabic: Strong, Clitic and Affixal Pronouns
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Carr, Joshua
The Dirty Joke of Cyberpunk or, the Humanism of Post-humanism in the Cyberpunk Tradition: Epigenetic Memory and Technology in Gibson’s Neuromancer and Stephenson’s Snow Crash
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Ron Broglio)
Glady, Sarah
Shifting Indian Identities in Aravind Adiga’s Work: The March from Individual to Communal Power
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Elizabeth Horan)
Ladenburg, Kenneth
Memory and the Rhetoric of White Supremacy
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Ersula Ore)
Roy, Sohinee
Scrumdiddlyumptipous Stories: Reflections & Reinforcements of Odeological Structures in Roald Dahl's Books for Children
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: James Blasingame)
Severson, Andrea
License to Thrill: Bond Girls, Costumes, and Representation
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Maureen Goggin) 
Skarstedt, Luke
The Subjectification of English Adjectives, and its Effect on Prenominal Order
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Zheng, Ding Ding
Redressing Immigration: Folklore, Cross-Dressing, and Un/Documented Immigration in Sui Sin Far's Mrs/ Spring Fragrance and Karen Tei Yamashita's Tropic of Orange
Presented: Spring 2013 (Chair: Claudia Sadowski-Smith) 


Bangerter, Alison
The Usefulness of Waste: Filth & Waste in Charles Dickens' Our Mutuak Friend & George Gissing's The Nether World
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Daniel Bivona)
Kruger, William
Imperative Clause Structure & its Realization in Old English Syntax: A Corpus Study
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Neel, James
Anatomy of Villain: Play, Story, & Conflict in Single Player Video Games
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Hayes)
Popre, Geraldine
A New Gaea Hypothesis: The Creation of New Femenist Archetypes in the Work of John Varley
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Mark Lussier)
Raack, Christine
Euro English: A Debate & its Implications for Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Sims, Rachel
Worry, Want, & Wickedness: Insanity & the Doppelganger in the Sensation Fiction of Wilkie Collins & Mary Elizabeth Braddon
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Daniel Bivona)
Smith, Robert 
Volatile Perceptions: The Poer of the Public Sphere to Reshape Science
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Mark Lussier)
Weir, Nicholas
Genre Reassignment: Crime, Morality, & Elmore Leonard's Place in Law & Literature
Presented: Spring 2012 (Chair: Deborah Clarke)
Facemire, Challie
William Blake & Systems Theory: The Attempted Unification of History & Psychology
Presented: Fall 2012 (Chair: Mark Lussier)
Munson, Margaret
From Home to Public Homeplace: Creating a Space for Working Class Rhetoric in Composition Studies
Presented: Fall 2012 (Chair: Elenore Long)


Boyd, Monica
Pride and Prejudice and Laughter: Jane Austen and the Humor of the Marginalized
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Beth Tobin)
van Cleave, Kacie
The Characters of Space in Mansfield Park
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Beth Tobin)
Culley, Jill
The role of blended librarians with undergraduate student retention and matriculation
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: James Gee)
Daniels, Leslie
Rhetorical Choice and Programming Languages
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elenore Long)
Driscoll, Sarah
Deconstructing Hemingways America The Hemingway Gattorno Relationship
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elizabeth Horan)
Gowan, Kaitlin
Exciting the Sublime: Terror, Interiority, and the Power of Shelley in The Cenci
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Mark Lussier)
Hanson, James
Legal Realism in The Marrow of Tradition
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Christine Holbo)
Heo, Wondo
The Poems of Wallace Stevens and Taoism
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Cynthia Hogue)
Klump, Amanda
combining disciplinary practices: integrating rhetoric and scholarly publishing into professional repertoire
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elenore Long)
Lopez, Michael
The rhetoric of president bush involving the timeline and events of hurricane katrina
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Keith Miller)
Mason, Megan
Identity and dissonance in the production of community knowledge
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elenore Long)
Mickel, Kathryn
Subordination and Subversion: Understanding the Homo Erotic Body in Cliff's Abeng
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: J Edward Mallot)
Moeser, Amy
Influence of Linguistics on writing a fiction novel
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Neu, Lora
Objects, Memory and Narrative: Threads to Construct and Reify Identity
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elizabeth Horan)
Foy, Christine
Interrupting Institutional Discourse: Circulating Themes within the Adult Basic Education/Literacy System
Presented: Summer 2011 (Chair: Alice Daer)
Parker, Tricia
American Literatures Humane Letters: A legacy of Creative Protest
Presented: Fall 2011 (Chair: Moulton)
Rochester, Rachel
The Empire's Shadow: Kiran Nagarkar's Quest for the Unifying Indian Novel
Presented: Fall 2011 (Chair: Daniel Bivona)
San Martin, Angela
Unsettling the American Landscape: Toward a Phenomenological and Onto-Epistemological Paradigm of Hope in Diana Bellessi's and Mary Oliver's Poetic Works
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elizabeth Horan)
Wallace, Ajia
Embodied Expenditure: George Bataile and Yoga
Presented: Spring 2011 (Chair: Elizabeth Horan)


Abbruscato, Josephine
A Tale of Nobody for Everybody: The reemergence of the Gothic Fairy Tale in Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: James Blasingame)
Chang, Chia Yen
Eco archetypes in J K Rowling Harry Potter Series
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Alleen Nilsen)
Chea, Kagnarith
Measural and Sortal Classifiers Tructural Differences in Khmer
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Durante, Dawn
The standardization of trust in digital publishing
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Maureen Goggin)
Dutton Breen, Sarah
Lost digital fandon: a study testing an online public's capacity for the shared use of reason
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Robison)
Gerchick, William
Place Exploration Affinity based media convergence through a high school journalism production in praxis
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Duane Roen)
Holmes, Jeffrey
Buring the Boundaries: Embodiement as compound phenomenon in world of warcraft
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Maureen Goggin)
Koscak, Silvia
Maintaining the croatian language in arizona: a sociolinguistic aspect
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Karen Adams)
Macias, Leonard
Barrio Heroes: A Chronicle of Lifelong Contributio of Two Local Chicanos
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Elizabeth Horan)
Navarro, Jessica
Experience and Expression: The developmen tof the sublime through sociopolitical and natural landscapes
Presented: Spring 2010 (Chair: Elizabeth Horan)
McDonnell, Bradley
Two Passives and a Paradigm: Exploring Undergoer Voice in Besemah
Presented: Summer 2010 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Bostic, Rebecca
Curriculum: Exploring the perceptions of Gopd throughout English letters
Presented: Fall 2010 (Chair: Richard Newhauser)
Castle, Kasandra
The Performativity of the Written Word in Two Anglo-Saxon Wills
Presented: Fall 2010 (Chair: Robert Bjork)
Johnson, Elizabeth
Identity and Mythmaking in Southern Literature
Presented: Fall 2010 (Chair: Deborah Clarke)
Kielczewski, Sarah-Anne
A local community addresses the linguistic needs of refugees
Presented: Fall 2010 (Chair: Karen Adams)
Mackowski, Catherine
Grammaticalization of Complementizers in Old English Glosses
Presented: Fall 2010 (Chair: Elly van Gelderen)
Oshea, Patricia
Elevating Technical Writer's Status through Independent Writing Programs
Presented: Fall 2010 (Chair: Duane Roen)
Smith, Rosemary
Drink of Me, and You Shall have eternal life: An analysis of lord byron's the giaour and the greek folkloric vampire
Presented: Fall 2010 (Chair: Mark Lussier)