Master's in Passing

The Department of English may grant the master's-in-passing to PhD students not already holding a master' degree. Regularly admitted students in the doctoral program can be considered for the master's-in-passing when they have completed 30-33 hours of course work (depending on the program) judged to be equivalent to the master's distribution requirement and submit an acceptable portfolio of papers that constitute Part I of the doctoral examination process. The student's dissertation committee will be responsible for determining if all course requirements for the proposed degree have been met, as indicated in an MA program of study, and if the portfolio requirement has been fulfilled.

The culminating experience for the master's-in-passing will be the portfolio component of the doctoral examination process. Once the portfolio has been judged acceptable, the student can apply for a master's-in-passing. 

PhD students who have met the above requirements and wish to be awarded the master's-in-passing should contact Sheila Luna who will review the request and submit to the Graduate College.

The Graduate College will confirm the student's eligibility for the master's-in-passing and then work with Graduate Admissions to make the necessary system changes that will allow the student to submit the master's-in-passing iPOS online through MyASU. Once that is done, the student will be sent an e-mail alerting them to file the iPOS.

The student will submit the iPOS through the normal procedures to the department for approval. Please note that the Graduation Office will not review the iPOS for a master's-in-passing until the student has applied for graduation. The student must apply for graduation within six years of the first course listed on the MIP ipos. Once the student has applied for graduation, the graduation office will review the master's-in-passing iPOS. If the iPOS is approved, the Graduate College will also enter the culminating experience results at that time.

The master's-in-passing will be awarded at the end of the semester, with all other degrees, per normal graduation procedures.

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