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Undergraduate Degrees

Prepare to meet the challenges of the future in this unique and innovative degree program. You'll improve your cultural competence and harness new and emerging technology to develop humanistic solutions to environmental, societal and global issues.

Deepen your understanding of literature, write more persuasively and develop your creative and critical skills. If you have a passion for reading and writing, the major in English will allow you to study what you love and provide you with the knowledge and skills to excel in any career field.

Develop a literary voice that serves your academic, professional and artistic goals. Renowned, award-winning writers guide your engagement in supportive and rigorous workshops that enable your expressive growth.

Prepare yourself to thrive in a global society by exploring the origin and use of language in a variety of cultures. Enter an exciting field of study that prepares you for a multitude of careers.

Travel a world of literature as you read and analyze classic and modern texts. Begin your adventure here, where your studies will expose you to new cultures and perspectives while encouraging you to consider humanity and your place within it.

Develop a multifaceted understanding of how to craft compelling narratives to advance career, community and personal objectives. Guided by award-winning storytellers and thought leaders, you can opt for courses that offer specific training in skills like podcasting, screenwriting and publishing, or others that focus on literary and media analysis.

Inspire the minds of future leaders by teaching English at the high school level. Leading education scholars will mentor you in methods of teaching English, which you'll put to use during professional field experiences and student teaching, preparing you for certification in the state of Arizona.

Learn to create compelling arguments, engage in collaborative problem-solving and transform words into action. This program is for those who want to be on the cutting edge of knowledge, using technology, language and design to make a lasting impact.

Do you wonder how film and media shape our ever-changing world? Explore how film and media are made and interpreted and how they impact our society through courses that engage with the creative, historical and technical practices of film and media.