Department Leadership

The Department of English Leadership Team sets the strategic vision for the administrative and academic facets of the department. The Leadership Team is comprised of the Administrative Committee and the Executive Council which contains the Academic Area Leadership and Administrative Leadership. 

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Krista Ratcliffe
Department Chair, Professor

Ratcliffe's research focuses on intersections of rhetoric, feminist theory, and critical race studies.

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Doris Warriner
Associate Chair, Associate Professor

Warriner is a linguistic anthropologist of education who uses ethnographic methods to examine the educational, social, political, economic, and ideological dimensions of immigration and transnationalism.

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Bradley Ryner
Associate Chair, Associate Professor

Ryner's teaching interests include Shakespeare and Renaissance drama; British literature to 1700; drama as a genre; literary theory and cultural studies.

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Karen Adams
Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

Adams research interests are in the study of language in its social and linguistic context. She is the director of English graduate studies.

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Lorinda Liggins
Business Operations Manager
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Linda Sullivan
Assistant Director, Academic Services

Linda Sullivan is the Assistant Director of Academic Services for the Department of English. She has over 25 years of experience in higher education, having spent the last 21 years at ASU.

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Aaron Baker
Director of Film and Media Studies, Professor

Baker's research focuses primarily on sports culture, film authorship and the representation of race, ethnicity and gender in American cinema.

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Matthew Bell
Director of Creative Writing, Associate Professor

Bell is the author of the novels "Scrapper" and "In the House upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods," the collection "A Tree or a Person or a Wall," and several other books.

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Ronald Broglio
Director of Literature, Professor

Broglio's research focuses on how philosophy and aesthetics can help us rethink the relationship between humans and the environment.

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Jessica Early
Director of English Education, Associate Professor

Early is a scholar of English education and secondary literacy. She is the director of English education and the Central Arizona Writing Project at ASU.

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Maureen Goggin
Director of Writing, Rhetorics, Literacy; Professor

Goggin is author, editor, and co-editor of 11 scholarly books and several editions of a textbook and a pedagogical book.

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Kathleen Lamp-Fortuno
Director of Writing, Rhetorics and Literacies; Associate Professor

Lamp's primary research interest is in the history of rhetoric, specifically Roman rhetoric. She is the area director of WRL and the past president of the American Society for the History Rhetoric.

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Aya Matsuda
Director of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Associate Professor

Matsuda is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics. Her research interests include the use of English as an international language and the pedagogical implications of the global spread of English.

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Shirley Rose
Director of Writing Programs , Professor

Shirley Rose's research focuses on writing program administration, archival research methods, and writing across the lifespan. She directed ASU Writing Programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences from 2009 to 2019.

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Cajsa Baldini
Director of Online Programs, Clinical Associate Professor

Baldini's research interests are concentrated on British and European 19th century literature and culture.

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Christine Holbo
Director of Assessment, Associate Professor

Holbo studies American literature from the age of sentiment to the modernist era.

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Kristen Larue
Director of Communications, Communications Specialist

LaRue-Sandler manages public relations and outreach for the ASU Department of English. Current responsibilities include strategic communications, event publicity and logistics support, and development and alumni relations.

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Ruby Macksoud
Director of Internships, Instructional Professional
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Bruce Matsunaga
Director of Digital Technology, Associate Research Professional

Matsunaga holds a PhD in English Literature with an emphasis in British Romanticism and Digital Humanities. He is the Director of Digital Technology, Graduate Faculty, and an Academic Professional.

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