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English International Graduate Student Book Scholarship

This book scholarship was created by Dr. Jai Young Park who earned his BA in English (1997) and his PhD in English (2004) at Arizona State University. He is currently an associate professor and chair of the Department of English Education in the College of Education at Chonbuk National University in Korea.

Criteria: Must be a currently enrolled international graduate student in the Department of English and making good progress.

Application: Application packet must include a biographical sketch of no more than 250 words, substantiating academic needs; a suggested list of books; and one letter of recommendation from a professor who can comment on the student's work and the list of books. Use a cover sheet that includes the student's name, name of award, address, phone number, ASU ID number, and name of the professor writing the letter of recommendation. Submit application packet to Sheila Luna (for the awards committee) in the English Department, RBH 125 or preferrably by email in one PDF document to sheila.luna@asu.edu.

Amount: The amount of the scholarship is approximately $300.

Deadline: February 1, 2019... The award will be disbursed in Fall 2019.

Previous Recipients: 

2019-2020  Melika Nouri
2018-2019  Mekhlid Alsaeedi
2017-2018  Junghwa Kim
2016-2017  Myungsung Kim
2015-2016:  Young Wha Lee
2014-2015:  Myungsung Kim
2013-2014: Sun Young Lee
2012: Seong-Hoon Kim