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What is the composition requirement?

ENG 101 and ENG 102 or ENG 105 are required for graduation. Students must earn a grade of  "C" or better to fulfill the graduation requirement.

Can I test out of ENG 101 and 102?

No, you cannot test out of ENG 101 and 102. However, partial credit can be earned by certain scores on Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate tests. Please visit the Transfer Credit Guide to search credit by exam.

May I transfer credit from an Arizona public community college or four year university?

Students may transfer an equivalent composition course from a public Arizona community college or university or an articulated equivalent course from another institution. The equivalency is automatically posted and the student need not take further action.

May I transfer credit from an out-of-state or private college or university ?

A student transferring a non-articulated composition course from any other college or university may be required to submit documentation to determine equivalency of the courses. After consultation with an advisor, if evaluation is necessary, the student should submit a request for evaluation through the Transfer Credit Guide. If you have questions about the Transfer Credit Guide, please visit the Transfer Credit Guide FAQs.

I transferred in a course equivalent to ENG 102 but I have no credit for ENG 101. Do I have to take another course? 

Yes. In order to fulfill the ENG 101/ENG 102 first-year composition requirement, you will need to take ENG 101 or a replacement course.  Acceptable replacement courses that will fulfill your ENG 101 requirement are: ENG 215, ENG 216, or ENG 301. If you are a WP Carey student, ENG 302 can be used. If you decide to take a replacement course, you or your advisor should contact so that your DARS can be updated.