RED INK Indigenous Initiative

RED INK Indigenous Initiative for All:
Creativity & Collaboration at Work

The RED INK Initiative is an interrelated set of campus, regional, national and international projects, including an international journal, to achieve its mission and goals in collaboration with Indigenous communities.

The Red Ink "Bison Bash" team: Tyson Powless, Henry Quintero, Kyle Winson, and James Blasingame.

Initial Projects

  • RED INK International Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art, & Humanities
  • Indigenous Cultural Events Series for Teens (AZ Humanities Grant Awarded)
  • I(n)SPIRE Summer Camp (with ASU AISSS) (AZ Community Foundation grant awarded)
  • Indigenous Festival of Culture and Cuisine (November 2016)
  • Indigenous K-12 Libraries/ASU Libraries Collaboration (LSTA grant app.)

The mission of RED INK Initiative is to develop and improve:

  1. Avenues of access to higher education for Indigenous communities and pathways to success for Native students
  2. World access to Indigenous creative, artistic, and intellectual expression
  3. Discourse among Native and non-Native communities about Indigenous issues


  1. To form a consortium of partners to include local, regional, national and
  2. international Indigenous tribal governments and their cultural and educational programs and systems.
  3. To create, provide, process, and promote Indigenous K-12 curriculum materials
  4. locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.
  5. To create discourse communities among Native K-12 students, teachers, and
  6. counselors, as well as tribal leaders, tribal members, and all interested Native and Non-Native parties.
  7. To promote and provide culturally sustaining pedagogy through traditional
  8. Indigenous cultural resources and professional development and electronic data base resources.
  9. To develop Indigenous youth leaders.
  10. To affirm equity of access to community arts, education, and youth among and
  11. across all tribal nations.
  12. To provide, foster and promote Indigenous cultural events for all ages.
  13. To increase Indigenous student presence and success in higher education through:
    1. increased participation and involvement in higher education among
    2. Indigenous families, youth, and communities through events and
    3. institutional resources
    4. increased Indigenous application numbers.
    5. increased Indigenous access and participation in precollege programs, such as dual enrollment first year college courses taught in high schools and on-campus bridge programs
    6. improved college retention
Simon Ortiz

Key Personnel

  • Founding Director: Simon Ortiz, Regents' Professor of English and American Indian Studies, ASU
  • Project Manager: James Blasingame, Professor of English, ASU

For more information about RED INK, please contact