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What is YAWP? 

A component of the Central Arizona Writing Project, YAWP (Young Adult Writing Program) is designed to offer young writers a non-evaluative environment in which to explore the power of writing. Our camps will offere in-person and online YAWP courses in June 2023. Online courses will be held via zoom.    

What do camps look like?  Offering time and inspiration, YAWP sessions support writers in a collaborative atmosphere where they can share works in progress. YAWP sessions engage young writers in crafting a variety of forms based on the theme and focus of the camp. The creative writing camps, for example focus on writing such as poems, autobiographical sketches, heart maps, short stories, arguments, nature/science, craft secrets, and daily writing workshops.  Each camper will share a final piece of writing for publication in the camp anthology.               

Where are camps located? Please refer to the flyer for in person locations

What grade levels do we serve?  4th - 12th.   

Who are the writing instructors? All writing instructors are trained Central Arizona Writing Project Teacher Consultants who have completed CAWP’s Invitational Summer Institute or training from the National Writing Project in teaching composition. All K-12 YAWP teachers are certified to teach in the state of Arizona. All YAWP teachers continually implement writing in their personal and professional lives. 

When is YAWP?   Session A: June 5 -16, 2023.       Session B: June 19 - June 30, 2023.                                                    Held Monday through Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm

                           MENU OF CAMP OFFERINGS for SUMMER 2023


Where Do Stories Come From? (Session A Only):

In this 10 day program for 4th and 5th graders, we will explore where inspiration and stories come
from. Each day we will read a book, draw pictures, create hands-on projects or travel around our
space in search of a story. We will explore different genres and stretch our imaginations. We will
share our ideas and write collaboratively as well. At the end of this program, every student will have
an ebook containing their writing and documenting their journey of creative writing.

Writers are Readers (Session B Only):

In this 10 day program for 4th and 5th graders, we will take daily inspiration from popular published
books. Each day will feature a reading passage from a chapter or storybook to inspire our own
stories. Some of the titles we will cover are City of Ember, Elle Enchanted, Wonder, Frindle, Holes,
and more. (These books do NOT have to be read before the program). Each day after reading
we will write and share together. At the end of this program, every student will have an ebook
containing their own creative story.

MIDDLE GRADES (Grades 6-8)

Podcasting Power tool (Session A only): Special Time (1-4pm) 

Podcasting is a booming genre that encourages conversation and storytelling and keeps us curious
about the world. Learning to write podcasting scripts strengthens writing and research skills while
satisfying curiosity. In this session, students will design a podcast about a topic related to youth
activism that will get their audiences to listen in.

Writing Warriors: Writing Across Genres (Session B):

There are many genres of writing to explore and here are but a few: movie script, news article,
song lyrics, recipes, comic strip, essay, advice column, brochure, instruction manual, classified ad,
poetry, science fiction, even science fiction utopian poetry. Think about all the writing you love to
read and topics that pique your interest. This course is designed as a journey of discovery in genre,
voice and questions that interest you. There will be 3 instructional sections with opportunities for
whole group shared writing, partner writing, and independent writing. The first part of the class
will be devoted to genre study using mentor texts. Finally, we will share with one another to receive
ideas, encouragement and inspiration from other writers.


Project Citizen: The Superpower of Hope (Session A Only) Special Time 1:00pm – 4:00pm:

This two-week young adult literacy lab is for students who dream big and strive for a brighter
future. Designed with a mission for the action-oriented, the intent is to unite youth from a wide
variety of perspectives to think critically about the world and their place in it. By expressing their
voices, students will become windows and bridges; they will learn tools for effective craft and
communication. With lessons taught by incredible minds and intellectuals, student writers will
transform their passions into an argument that can be experienced by others. Working in a creative
workshop setting, we will tell our stories through personal essays, fiction, poetry and digital/visual
narratives. Students will leave the workshop with pieces of writing to submit to college applications,
scholarships, literary magazines, or for their own personal collection. We will also polish our writing
for an anthology.

Grades 9-12 Discovering Your Story (Session B Only):

Everyone has a story: including you! The events, experiences, people and time take a significant
role in shaping our lives and our identities. The journey of discovering how to tell your story will
begin here. Let our gifted and supportive instructors guide you through the process, helping you
shape the scene around that person who helped you, or the amazing event you witnessed, or the
time when your life was changed forever. This workshop will also include collaboration among
youth from a wide variety of perspectives to think critically about the world in the 21st century and
to do something about it with words, digital story-telling, poetry, music or art. With lessons taught
by incredible minds and intellectuals, young people are given the tools to turn their passions into
a creative journey of self discovery. Working in a creative workshop setting, we will tell our stories
through personal essays, fiction, and poetry. We’ll share ideas and respond to each other’s work as
we polish our writing for an anthology.

We only accept online paymnet.  There are no refunds. REGISTER NOW-PAY Online! 

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Questions to:   YAWP@ASU.EDU


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