Summer Camp Session A June 3rd-14th, 2024 - SESSION A CLOSED

Summer Camp Session B June 17th-28th, 2024

What is YAWP? A component of the Central Arizona Writing Project, YAWP (Young Adult Writing Program) is designed to offer young writers a non-evaluative environment in which to explore the power of writing. 

What do camps look like?  Offering time and inspiration, YAWP sessions support writers in a collaborative atmosphere where they can share works in progress. YAWP sessions engage young writers in crafting a variety of forms based on the theme and focus of the camp. The creative writing camps, for example focus on writing such as poems, autobiographical sketches, heart maps, short stories, arguments, nature/science, craft secrets, and daily writing workshops.  Each camper will share a final piece of writing for publication in the camp anthology.               

What grade levels do we serve?  4th-12th.   

Who are the writing instructors? All writing instructors are trained Central Arizona Writing Project Teacher Consultants who have completed CAWP’s Invitational Summer Institute or training from the National Writing Project in teaching composition. All K-12 YAWP teachers are certified to teach in the state of Arizona. All YAWP teachers continually implement writing in their personal and professional lives. 

Cost: Tuition for each YAWP two-week in person session is $300 plus a $25 book fee for a total of $325. Tuition is due no later than May 20th for Session A and June 3rd for Session B. We only accept online payments. There are no refunds. 

Are scholarships available? No, scholarships are not available at this time. 

When/Where is YAWP?   

YAWP will be held from 9:00am -12:00pm, Monday through Friday 

Session A   June 3 - 14, 2024    Tempe Campus  - SESSION A CLOSED

Session B   June 17 - June 28, 2024    Tempe Campus 

Registration Deadline: Session A: SESSION A CLOSED, Session B: June 3rd, 2024 by 5pm 


After registering, please proceed to the payment below.



Menu of Camp Offerings for SUMMER 2024


Session Title: The Superpower of Hope: Writing for Change! SESSION A CLOSED

Grades: rising 4-5 

Instructor: Ms. Jenny Selayro

Mentor Text: We Have a Dream by Mya-Rose Craig

This literacy lab is for the creative-minded and action-oriented! Join us as we use poetry, digital storytelling, comic strips, and art to consider ways to make positive change in the world. While reading We Have a Dream by Mya-Rose Craig, aka Birdgirl, young writers will explore environmental themes, change making, and the ways one writer can become a spark that starts a movement.


Session Title: **Waitlist Only** -Wandering the Wild: Nature Writing for the Middle Grades - SESSION A CLOSED

Grades:  rising 6-8

Session Leader: Ms. Nicki Mann

Mentor Text: A Wolf Called Wander by Roseanne Parry

Do you love the outdoors? In this workshop, we'll use the natural world as inspiration. Join us for two weeks filled with journaling, poetry, nature fiction, art, and open air drawing. Our writing will be inspired by nature that surrounds us in the campus- fountains, secret gardens, hidden reptiles, and hidden corridors! Let nature inspire you as we read A Wolf Called Wander by Roseanne Parry and explore “ASU’s habitat,” letting it spark imagination and creative writing. 


Session Title: Mind over Media: Using Stories to Change the World - SESSION A CLOSED

Grades: rising 9-12 

Session Leader: Ms. Teresa Layden

Mentor Text: Yes No Maybe So by Becky Alevertalli and Aisha Saeed

Do you want to have your voice heard? This literacy lab is designed with a mission of writing for positive change. The intent is to unite youth from a wide variety of perspectives to think critically about the world in the 21st century and to do something about it with words. With inspiration from Yes No Maybe So by Becky Alevertalli and Aisha Saeed, we will write public service announcements, spoken word poetry, infographics, and op-ed essays. Whether focused on pollution, women’s rights, animal abuse, homelessness, environmental issues or more, students will experience the power of the written world. 


 SESSION B: June 17th-28th, 2024

Session Title: Words in the Wild: Bringing Nature to Life Through Writing

Grades: rising  4-5 

Session Leader: Ms. Jenny Selayro

Mentor Text: Wild Child by Dara McAnulty

Let’s write outside! Campers will learn about nature journaling techniques such as easy sketching practices, incorporating their senses into creative writing, and different ways of drawing, writing, and measuring what they see. We’ll explore different parts of the university campus and learn to look for the small details and the big picture! With help from Wild Child by Dara McAnulty, young writers will learn how writing can bring nature to life. If you love nature, this camp is for you; no artistic skill needed! 


Session Title: Step Outside! Writing Inspired by the Outdoors

Grades: rising 6-8th (20-25 capacity)

Session Leader: Ms. Nicki Mann

Mentor Text: Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnulty

If you ever dreamed about writing a nature book or the next “Planet Earth” documentary, this is the camp for you! Join us to explore  and observe as naturalists. Drawing inspiration from Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnulty, we will explore ASU’s campus arboretum while nature writing. We’ll also connect with nature and learn about seeing the world through the perspective of others, as we write and share descriptive naturalist articles, essays, creative poetry and drawings.  


Session Title: Writing Your Future: A College and Personal Essay Seminar

Grades: rising 11-12th 

Session Leader: Ms. Kylie Frontczak

This writing seminar welcomes soon-to-be eleventh and twelfth graders who are thinking about that personal statement colleges are looking forward to reading. In this workshop, students will try their hand at a variety of application topics, explore the role of style (not just what you say, but how you say it), and analyze sample personal statements. They’ll draft, share, revise, edit. By the end of the workshop, students will have several “starts” as well as a revised draft of a personal statement.

FAQs for Parents and Participants

What is the deadline for registration and payment?

Session A

  • Registration deadline – May 20th, 2024 by 5pm
  • Payment deadline – May 20th, 2024 by 5pm

 Session B

  • Registration deadline – June 3rd, 2024 by 5pm
  • Payment deadline – June 3rd, 2024 by 5pm

If you are registered and NOT paid by the payment deadlines for your session, then your registration will be cancelled.

What are the qualifications of the YAWP Instructors?

All YAWP Instructors are certified teachers in the greater Phoenix Area and/or have gone through National Writing Project Training.  They also must have their Fingerprint Clearance Card through the Arizona Department of Public Safety prior to teaching in the YAWP Program.

Where is the YAWP Summer Program being held?

The program will take place in Payne Hall (MAP). Information on the pickup and drop off locations is provided in each camper’s Welcome Packet. More information on amenities within the building is provided in the Welcome Packet.

Is lunch provided?

No, each session is from 9 am to 12 pm. Campers can bring their own drinks and snacks.

Are there scholarships available?

While we have provided scholarships for this program in the past, this year there are no scholarships available for the 2024 YAWP Program.

We are researching avenues for additional funding to determine if we could provide scholarships in the future.

Are there any discounts available?

We do our best to provide the most cost-effective rates that we can while also providing quality materials and instruction from qualified teachers.  However, we do provide discounts for current ASU faculty and staff.  We also provide discounts for registration in multiple sessions, or the registration of multiple siblings.

Are the camps strictly for the grades listed, or is there an exception if my child wants to attend a different camp?

We are happy to make an exception if this student feels comfortable socially and emotionally for the older grade level, and if there is room available in the class. Please email for more information.

What if a session is full?

If a session you want is full, please look at other availability at that grade level.  You can also email  and we will add you to the waitlist.

General Questions

Do you collaborate with other departments or organizations?

It depends on the time constraints and the collaboration. We do collaborate with schools and districts to provide after-school programming. Please send your inquiry to and we’ll get back to you.

Do you provide this program during the year in local schools?

We would love to offer more writing workshops for youth at school sites and out in the community. If a school site wants to host our workshops, we may contract with the school to make this happen. We can provide the instruction and set it up in ways that best fit the school context and student ages, etc. We welcome your ideas and connections to schools. Please email with your ideas and/or connections!