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Writing Programs News & Events

ASU Writing Programs puts on a number of events every academic year and also sends out reminders about events related to rhetoric, composition, and the teaching of writing. We also regularly forward news about these topics to our teachers, students, and other interested people.


Writing Programs Fall Convocation, August 13, 2018

The single PDF file PDF icon Writing Programs Fall Convocation contains the following:

  • Agenda of Writing Programs Fall Convocation
  • Welcome and remarks by Shirley Rose, Director of Writing Programs
  • Acknowledgement of award-winning teachers by Sarah Duerden
  • Plenary talk "Defense Against the Dark Arts: Teaching Writing in an Era of Youth Activism" by David Boyles
  • Handout for plenary talk "Defense Against the Dark Arts"
  • 2019 ASU Composition Conference Announcement by Adelheid Thieme
  • ASU Library Resources
  • Helpful links: Title IX, Disability Resources Center, DREAMzone

For additional questions, please contact Adelheid Thieme, Associate Director of Writing Programs, at thieme@asu.edu.


Writing Programs Fall Convocation: August 14, 2017

The single PDF Fall Convocation 2017 contains the following:
• Agenda of Fall 2017 Convocation (with links to ASU Composition Conference on February 24, 2018, and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Resources)
• Welcome by Shirley Rose, Director of Writing Programs
• Information about NEW Spring 2018 Convocation
• Presentation by Disability Resources Center
• Orientation to Library Resources
• Links to Library Resources

 For news and information about upcoming events related to ASU Writing Programs, please visit our Facebook Page or see .

ePortfolio Showcase

The ePortfolio Showcase is a yearly celebration of student and teacher portfolios presented through Digication. Teachers nominate their students, and a committee of Writing Programs teachers judges the nominated portfolios and selects 12 winning student portfolios to be awarded prizes. Teachers are also encouraged to submit their teaching portfolios in this contest. For questions, please email Adelheid Thieme, Associate Director of Writing Programs, at thieme@asu.edu.

Please select the links below to gain full access to the winning entries of the 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 ePortfolio Showcase for both student and teacher portfolios:

File student_and_teacher_eportfolio_winners_2020.docx

File 2019_eportfolio_winners.xlsx

File 2018_eportfolio_student_and_teacher_winners.xlsx

File 2017_eportfolio_winners.docx

2016 - See winning ePortfolios:

See the links below to browse the 2016 Student e-Portfolios on Digication

NameClassLink to Student e-Portfolio
Michael Wise302https://asu.digication.com/michael_wises_eng_302_portfolio/About_Me
  Teacher: Adelheid Thieme
Hamazah Teacher: Valerie Fazel
Nicole Holtzman101https://asu.digication.com/nicole_holtzman_eng_101_fall_2015/About_Me/published
  Teacher: Sarah Snyder
Starogorac Teacher: Katherine Heenan
Alexia Mincitar302https://asu.digication.com/alexia_mincitars_eng_302_eportfolio
  Teacher: Adelheid Thieme
Jing Min Zheng107https://asu.digication.com/jing_eng107/Welcome/
  Teacher: Valerie Fazel
Westerfield Teacher: David Boyles
Knippelberg Teacher: David Boyles
Zollman Teacher: Shersta Chabot
Williams Teacher: Andrea Dickens
Mehta Teacher: Katherine Heenan
Thompson Teacher: Jeremy Meyer
  Teacher: Jeremy Meyer

2015 - Winners have been highlighted by the English Department CLICK HERE

ASU Writing Programs engages the University Charter

Writing Programs invites you to participate in our ongoing effort to engage the ASU Charter. 

In combination with Dean of Humanities George Justice’s roundtable talk at the ASU Composition Conference on February 25, every member of Writing Programs is invited to submit a developed idea for how Writing Programs can support the University Charter. The best submissions will receive cash prizes between $250 and $400!

All types of ideas, large or small, are welcome. Some examples might include:

  • a production or event
  • an installation or exhibit
  • a collection of material
  • a classroom activity
  • a course curriculum
  • a program-wide initiative

Key Dates & Submission Deadlines

  • February 25: The initial discussion and brainstorming at #ASUCompConf17
  • March 25: Deadline to submit proposals
  • April 25: Deadline to submit presentations of winning proposals
      • (These may be highlighted at the e-Portfolio Showcase)

For more complete submission information and guidelines, click here PDF icon submission_guidelines

Click the image below or link here for the most up to date vision of the ASU Charter

Cover page of New American University Toward 2025 and Beyond by President Michael Crow

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