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English Education

When you enroll in the Department of English’s English education program, you are joining a dynamic program with students and faculty who shape the teaching of English language arts in metro Phoenix and beyond. Our programs prepare students at each level with engaging and transformational pedagogies and theories.

The English education Bachelor of Arts provides a high concentration of English coursework while enabling students to complete all of the requirements for professional licensure, including professional field experience and student teaching. You will study an exciting curriculum that includes young adult literature, methods of teaching, and teaching texts, with ample time for the English classes you enjoy. English education majors can use their degrees to work in secondary education,  the nonprofit sector, publishing and editing, and public relations.  

The English education MA is a 1-year intensive program designed to prepare in-service teachers for careers as exemplary educators and leaders in English language instruction. The program balances refining disciplinary knowledge with pedagogical application of that knowledge in classrooms. Students take a variety of relevant courses including advanced methods courses in reading and writing, adolescent literature, and research methods for teachers.

The PhD in English education prepares students to become national leaders in the field as tenure-track faculty at research universities and teaching colleges, as well as secondary English language arts curriculum specialists for school districts, state and federal departments of education, and private education agencies. Possible areas for research focus within this program include young adult literature, secondary reading and writing practices, new literacies, English language learning, and secondary English language arts curriculum and instruction development.

For more information about the English Education program area, contact For questions related to a specific program, please contact the appropriate undergraduate advisor or graduate advisor.

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Secondary Writing Studies

Our English Education program is also known for its specialization in the teaching and research of secondary writing practices. We offer coursework, research programs, community outreach, teacher inservice programs for students, teachers and community members interested in studying secondary writing. 

Associate Professor Jessica Early's research combines qualitative and quantitative methods to examine the teaching of writing and writing practices in ethnically and linguistically diverse secondary English Language Arts classrooms.

Assistant Professor Christina Saidy-Hannah's research examines writing transitions in secondary and college composition.

Jessica Early is the Director and Christina Saidy-Hannah is the co-Director of the Central Arizona Writing Project, located in the Department of English at Arizona State University. The CAWP is part of the National Writing Project network, the oldest and largest professional development project in the United States. In addition to working with K-12 teachers throughout the greater Phoenix area.

We regularly schedule events for ASU students, faculty, and local K-12 teachers focused on the teaching of secondary writing and on the writing transition between high school and college.

Young Adult Literature

Our English Education program is known for specializing in Young Adult Literature. We offer coursework, research programs, community outreach, teacher inservice programs for students, teachers and community members interested in studying Young Adult Literature. 

Professor James Blasingame, Jr. is also the Young Adult Book Review Editor for JAAL, the Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy. He publishes an annual Honor List of best YA books for English Journal. 

We regularly schedule events with Young Adult authors for ASU students, faculty, and local K-12 teachers.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NCTE Annual Convention - NCTE   by Shawn Towner, English Education PhD student.

Katie Alford, ENG ED PhD Grad, published an article in the Journal of Writing Teacher Education.

Listen to the Poet: Writing, Performance, and Community in Youth Spoken Word Poetry (Paperback) by Wendy Williams.

Sybil Durand elected to board of Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the NCTE.

Texas Education Magazine highlights alum Tracey Flores’s ‘Somos Escritoras’ project.

Alum Bryan Gillis (PhD English Education) earns a column excellence award (KSU Sentinel).

Steven Arenas (BAE 2012; English Education MA 2015). “I am Not a Taco: Using Poetry to Negotiate Students’ Identities.” Texas Education Review (September 2018).

Dr. Jessica Early and Katie Alford (English Education PhD Student) have won the 2018 best article award for NCTE’s English Leadership Quarterly. The title is “Taking Time to Write!: A Teacher’s Story of Writing within a Community of Writers"

Dr. Jessica Early, Director of English Education. "This Is Who I Want To Be! Exploring Possible Selves by Interviewing Women in Science"  NWP article (September 2018)

Tracey T. Flores (English Education PhD 2017). “Breaking Stereotypes and Boundaries: Latina Adolescent Girls and Their Parents Writing Their Worlds.” Voices from the Middle 25:3 (March 2018): 22-25.

Jason Griffith, English Education PhD Graduate: “Coaching Writers: Three Lessons a Writing Teacher Can Learn from a High School Swim Coach." New Jersey English Journal 7 (Spring 2018): 51-68. 

Advocacy is a story: PhD student Monica Avila writes for National Writing Project blog

Jessica Early awarded Dean’s Humanities Fellowship

Congrats to English Education PhD student Katie Alford and Dr. Jessica Early on their article Take Time to Write. (Oct 2017)

PhD alum Wendy Williams launches Young Writers Studio at Poly campus (State Press)

Congrats to Jessica Early and Christina Saidy on the Early Start  program a Game Changer at ASU

Katie Alford, congrats on paper “Becoming a Writer: The Journey of One Secondary English Educator” 

Congrats to Katie Alford, English Education Doc student  

Building a Culture of Literacy Article. (July 2017) Dr. Jessica Early and Broadmor School in Tempe, AZ

Anthony Celaya, English Education PhD Student won the 2017 NCTE Early Career Educator of Color Leadership

“Girls Writing Science: Opening Up Access in a Girls’ Reading and Writing Group.” (May 2017) Christina Saidy

“Cuentos del Corazón (Stories from the Heart): An After-School Writing Project for Bilingual Students and their Families.” Rethinking
Bilingual Education.   Tracey Flores and Jessica Singer Early.

“This Is Who I Want to Be! Exploring Possible Selves by Interviewing Women in Science.” JAAL March 2017 Jessica Early

The power of writing to communicate knowledge   February 2017   ASU Prep

Christina Saidy is a candidate for NCTE’s 2017 College Section Steering Committee Election

Christina Saidy and Katie Alford, English Education doc student, to attend the 4 C's conference in Portland, OR in March 2017

Monica Avila, English Education doc student, to attend NWP spring meeting in Washington, DC in March 2017

Jessica Early to attend NWP Partner for Science Learning Design in March 2017 in Philadelphia

ASU El Día de Los Niños/El Día de Los Libros launches ‘pitchfunding’ campaign

Jim Blasingame on KJZZ: What does 2017 have in store for young-adult literature?

ASU Prep Twilight Professional Development: Find Your Voice   February 9 at 4:30pm ASU Prep

Dr. Jessica Early to present on a panel at Writing Research Across Borders IV in Bogata, Columbia

PhD student Tracey Flores receives NCTE’s CEE Graduate Student Research Award

PhD student Tracey Flores on BAM Radio: Using first language of English Language Learners

Feature: Jim Blasingame wins Dan Shilling Humanities Public Scholar Award from Arizona Humanities

Book Launch at Changing Hands Bookstore, From Me to We, by Jason Griffith

English Ed alum Steven Arenas wins NCTE Early Career Educator of Color Leadership Award  October 27, 2016 ASU News. Steven Arenas

PhD student Jason Griffith a virtual guest on think tank’s #EdCollabGathering  September 27, 2106. ASU News. Jason Griffith

ASU experts: Banning books is 'just wrong.'  September 26, 2016.  ASU News. James Blasingame and Sybil Durand

English Education alum receives honorable mention  September 12, 2016.  NCTE.  Donna Miller

Just published:  "From Me to We"   September 12, 2016  by Jason Griffith, English Education PhD Student 

"Young Adult Authors Taking On School Shootings" September 6th 2016. KJZZ Jim Blasingame

"CEL English Leadership Quarterly Best Article Award." August 26, 2016. NCTE. Christina Saidy

"A summer camp to write home about," July 7, 2016. ASU Now. Young Adult Writing Project

"Inspiring Native youth to think about college," June 21, 2016. ASU Now. Young Adult Writing

"Making the case for arguments," June 17, 2016. ASU Now. Central Arizona Writing Project

"Young writers can ‘YAWP’ through summer at ASU," May 13, 2016. ASU Now. Young Adult Writing Project

"English's El Día de Los Niños/Día de Los Libros launches crowdfunding campaign," March 28, 2016. Department of English News. El Día de Los Niños/Día de Los Libros

"ASU’s NOD to Steampunk," Feb 18, 2016. ASU Now. Young Adult Literature

"ASU project helps empower civic involvement for marginalized youth," November 4, 2015. ASU Now. Young Adult Literature

"ASU workshop empowers young women to consider the sciences," May 18, 2015. ASU Now. Teaching Writing