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Master of Arts in English Education

The Master of Arts in English Education is a one-year intensive program designed to prepare inservice teachers for careers as exemplary educators and leaders in English language instruction. This dynamic course of study culminates with an applied project that directly impacts instruction in Language Arts classrooms. Students in the MA English Education program develop a deep understanding of the language arts by learning how to access, analyze, and apply theoretical frames and best practices for teaching students in grades 7-12. The program balances the refining of disciplinary knowledge with pedagogical application of that knowledge in classrooms. Students take a variety of relevant courses including: advanced methods courses in reading and writing, adolescent literature, and research methods for teachers. The program encourages students to employ academic research and inquiry to address questions they have about their own students’ learning.

The MA English Education program is located on ASU’s Tempe Campus, a vibrant, urban setting in the heart of metropolitan Phoenix. The location provides access to diverse earning environments that foster inquiry into best practices for teaching the English Language Arts.

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*Note: This degree is not TESOL, ESL, or EFL related. If interested in these fields, check out our MTESOL and MA Linguistics and Applied Linguistics programs.

The Master of Arts in English Education consists of 30 hours of graduate courses (i.e. courses that carry a 500-level credit or above. These courses are carefully sequenced over the course of one full year (full academic year plus summer). Students in the MA English Education participate in a cohorted program in which all students admitted in an academic year take courses together for the duration of the program. Courses meet in face-to-face, hybrid, and online settings.

The required courses in the Master of Arts in English Education  are:

Fall Semester: ENG 501 Approaches to Research, ENG 506 Methods and Issues in Teaching Language; ENG 507 Methods and Issues in Teaching Composition.

Spring Semester:  2 cohorted elective courses (level 500 and above), ENG 592 Research (Please note: the default when registering is 1 credit hour and it must be changed to 3 credit hours), ENG 606 Advanced Studies in English Education.

Summer Semester (Session A):  ENG 593 Applied Project (Please note: the default when registering is 1 credit hour and it must be changed to 3 credit hours); ENG 594 Central Arizona Writing Project

Summer Semester (Session B):  ENG 540 Teaching Young Adult Literature

Applied Project (ENG 593 – 3 hours): Students in the MA English Education will produce a project under the supervision of the Applied Project director and orally present it at the end of the semester applied project showcase.  One additional committee member is required.  Applied projects may include: curriculum design, professional portfolio, teacher inquiry research project, etc.

When filling in the Plan of Study (iPOS), students will list the required courses in the appropriate sections:

Required Core (12 credit hours)

  • ENG 501 Approaches to Research (3)
  • ENG 506 Methods and Issues in Teaching Language (3)
  • ENG 507 Methods and Issues in Teaching Composition (3)
  • ENG 606 Advanced Studies in English Education (3)

Electives or Research (12 credit hours)

  • a cohorted elective course (level 500 and above) (3)
  • a cohorted elective course (level 500 and above) (3)
  • ENG 592 Research (3)
  • ENG 540 Teaching Young Adult Literature (3)

Other Requirements (3 credit hours)

  • ENG 594 Conference and Workshop (3)

Culminating Experience (3 credit hours)

  • ENG 593 Applied Project (3)


Please review the application procedures on the website.

Application Deadlines: 
First Application Review Deadline: January 15
Final Application Review Deadline: June 15

Note: The committee reviews applications shortly after the deadline. The application must be complete with all supporting documents before review. This is the applicant's responsibility. Please plan accordingly when submitting an application.

Qualifications: Graduate Education requires a grade point average of “B” (3.0) or better in the last two years of work leading to the bachelor’s degree. Applicants for the MA English (English education track) should have an undergraduate major in English, a related educational field, or teaching experience in the English Language Arts at the secondary level.

Candidates must submit the following:

  • Online application
  • One to two page statement of purpose detailing the students background, reasons for wanting to do graduate work in English Education, and goals.
  • Three academic or professional letters of recommendation, at least one from a faculty member familiar with the applicant's academic work
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Official transcripts
  • The GRE is not required for this program.

Contact enggrad@asu.edu for questions pertaining to application.  
For specific questions about the program, contact the program director Jessica Early.

Important Notice to Current International Students: In order for international students to maintain good standing for their VISAs, they must take a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester (i.e., 3 classes), 6 of which should be face-to-face classes.

Gabriel Acevedo
Assistant Professor

Acevedo's research focuses on queer young adult literature, pop culture pedagogies, (auto)ethnographical methodologies, and masculinity/machismo in Caribbean/Puerto Rican communities.

Ross-Blakley Hall Office 122
James Blasingame

Blasingame focuses on young adult literature, Indigenous education, secondary writing instruction, preparing pre-service teachers, and cowboy poetry.

Ross-Blakley Hall 349 PO Box 871401
Jessica Early
Associate Chair (Personnel), Professor

Early is a scholar of English education and secondary literacy. She is the director of English education and the Central Arizona Writing Project at ASU.

Ross-Blakley Hall 163 PO Box 871401
Christina Saidy
Director of English Education, Associate Professor

Saidy's research focuses on writing and writing transitions with secondary students, teachers in professional development groups, and students entering college.

Ross-Blakley Hall 222 PO Box 871401

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