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Film and Media Studies

The Film and Media Studies program distinguishes itself with three major curricular objectives:

  1. Convergence: The media arts of radio, television, recorded music, film, digital media, the Internet, and video games are commonly studied as independent disciplines. Our program provides a more comprehensive approach to learning. While it is important to understand the history of film as an art form, for instance, it is also important to understand it in relation to television and digital media. We are committed to integrating the study of such media convergence, both as units within courses and through the design of several new courses entirely devoted to that phenomenon.
  2. Integration: Film and Media Studies integrates the theory and practice of media study in the digital era. Visual literacy in the media arts involves a working knowledge of digital media and software. Scholars and artists now use many of the same tools. Critics, theorists, historians and all media scholars must be fluent with state-of-the-art computer software programs. To this end, some of our courses integrate media labs with lectures and discussions, some offer students the opportunity to do digital projects rather than traditional written research papers, and some are entirely distance learning.
  3. Professionalism: The program's student and faculty actively engage in mutually beneficial dialogue with the film, media and entertainment industries. We believe that highly successful industry professionals have much to contribute toward helping us to best prepare our students for successful careers. Our teaching and research has much to offer the industry in terms of understanding the significant social and cultural impact of the media arts.


Prospective and current undergraduate and graduate students can learn more about the Film and Media Studies program and internships on this website or on our YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/asufilm

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Kevin Sandler
Associate Professor

Sandler has published in a wide number of anthologies and journals including Cinema Journal, Animation Journal, and The Velvet Light Trap.

Ross-Blakley Hall 333 PO Box 871401

Vasquez work has focused on confluences of melancholy and masculinity throughout a range of American genre film from the silent period into the first decades of the 21st century.


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Pauline Hope Cheong, Ph.D. - Media Tech; Culture; Minority & Disadvantaged Communities.

Julie Codell, Ph.D. - Gender & Race; Aesthetics; Global Cinema.

Daniel Gilfillan, Ph.D. - Film Narrative; Sound Culture; German Cinema.

Karen Kuo, Ph.D. - Representation of Asian Americans in Film and Literature.

Karen Leong, Ph.D. - Race, Gender and Nation; Asian American Identity.

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