English majors engaged in an internship have opportunities to see the value of an English degree beyond the more typical fields of teaching and tutoring. Because practical work experience is a magnet for future employers, students who pursue internships during their undergraduate years are better prepared to enter the job market after graduation. They have the opportunity to develop a clear idea of the kind of work they like or don't like. They gain skills in writing, speaking, working as members of a team, and learning specialized applications. Some recruiters believe that undertaking an internship during college is the smartest step a student can take toward a first job.

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Through internships the Department of English hopes to:

  • Attract outstanding students to experiences that aid career exploration.
  • Foster in students a sense of citizenship.
  • Engage students in community service.
  • Acquaint employers with quality students from the Department of English.
  • Engage alumni in creating opportunities for the next generation of students.
  • Create relationships among the Department of English, students, alumni, and community.

For more detailed Internship information and answers to some frequently asked questions, see our FAQs webpage and information on the Film and Media Studies internships webpage.

To discuss the possibilities of an English internship, see the Department of English Director of Internships:

Ruby Macksoud
RBHL 129