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The Department of English at ASU engages with several universities worldwide to provide learning experiences beyond our borders. More information about these and other international study and internship programs is available through ASU Study Abroad

Students can choose from a wide variety of experiences such as traditional exchange and partnership programs around the world; specialized, ASU faculty-led summer study opportunities; internship possibilities; and teaching opportunities abroad.

Customized opportunities for all students

Students in any major and program can participate in Study Abroad. ASU provides guides to assist students in finding the best programs and opportunities to suit their individual needs while at the same time maintaining graduation goals through abroad experiences.

Study Abroad guide for English majors
Study Abroad guide for Film and Media Studies majors

Internships Abroad

Students can earn internship credit through semester or summer programs, and internships can be within English, Film, or any subject. Information on ASU internship abroad programs can be found on Study Abroad's Intern Abroad website.

For more information on English or Film and Media Studies opportunities, or to create your own internship experience in your major, visit the Department of English Internships page.

Teaching Abroad

Opportunities to teach internationally are available to graduate and advanced undergraduate students. For more information visit the Department of English Teaching Opportunities Abroad page.