Crossword: Arizona Places and Trivia

Arizona Places and Trivia Crossword by Alberto Rios

Designed by ASU English's resident storyteller—Regents' Professor and Arizona Poet Laureate Alberto Ríos—this issue's puzzle uses riddles and word play to illuminate the Grand Canyon State. Can you solve it without referring to a map?

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1  One of Arizona's 5 Cs
8  AZ town: Cardinal nest?
9  Sick
10  AZ town: The Old Pueblo
11  Give off
14  Local area network
16  AZ town: belonging to this Cochise County border town, which has the same name in Mexico as U.S.
17  One of Arizona's 5 Cs
18  One of Arizona's 5 Cs
20  To rule over
22  Hairless highest mt in the White Mountains
23  AZ town: Pascua Yaqui town in Maricopa County
25  The Grand Canyon State that belongs to me
26  AZ town: Shakespeare's theater?
27  Alphabet starter
29  AZ town: London Bridge home, now


1  One of Arizona's 5 Cs
2  AZ town: capital of AZ Territory before Phoenix, in Yavapai County
3  Tuzigoot, Walnut Canyon, Montezuma's Castle, Tumacacori
4  Not pretty
5  You are always at this place on a map
6  One of Arizona's 5 Cs
7  Mesa to Payson highway is this kind of line
12  AZ town: No dolphins here, but there is some heat
13  AZ town: Mountain view?
15  AZ town: Black walnut trees?
17  AZ town: Big house?
18  AZ town: Candlemaker?
19  AZ town: used to be next to Sonora in Pinal County; AZ flag has 13 of these
21  3 major Arizona universities
24  AZ town: Garlic, America?
25  AZ town: Table?
28  Arizona "boy”

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