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Computing Equipment Policy

For information on acceptable use of ASU computing and communications resources, see Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual (ACD 125).

In order to meet ASU's sustainability goals, all equipment must be EPEAT Gold certified as per the ASU Purchasing Manual code PUR 210: Green Purchasing. You can search for EPEAT certification at http://www.epeat.net/.

Computer and Technology-Related Purchase Workflow

When making a computer and/or technology-related purchase use the following workflow:

  1. If you have funding, verify your balance with the appropriate person in the Department Financial Team.
  2. Contact Bruce Matsunaga to get a quote (ASU pricing is often different because of ASU purchasing rules).

Department Computer Policy

In keeping with the university computing standard, the unit will provide tenure-track faculty members with a single computer (desktop or laptop). This change is necessary to begin the process of creating a sustainable, computer replacement schedule. In order to receive a replacement computer, you will be required to turn in all of your ASU computers (desktops and laptops). 

In the event that you cease to be employed by the Department of English, you are required to contact Bruce Matsunaga (bhm@asu.edu) to arrange for the return of your equipment. 

For more extensive IT policies, refer to the CLAS IT Policies.

Request a Replacement Computer

Request a replacement computer (Requires ASURITE sign-in, ASU Google Docs) (Tutorial - How to sign in to ASU's Google Drive)

Information for New Track-Faculty

Your initial computer purchase will come out of your ASU start-up account. The department will subsequently replace a single computer based on priority and budgetary limitations after your initial computer’s life span (approximately 5 years). Due to the wait for replacement computers due to our budgetary limitations, we recommend purchasing a replacement or supplemental computer at the end of your start-up. Please note that any computer you order must meet the ASU criteria listed under Custom Technology Orders (See the Standard Configurations tab).

Windows Standard Configuration

  • Desktop – Dell OptiPlex 5060 minitower or SFF with a 24” monitor or Dell OptiPlex 7460 All-in-one
  • Laptop - Dell Latitude 14” 5000 or 7000 series 
  • Ultrabook/tablet – Latitude 5290, Dell XPS 13

Mac Standard Configuration

  • Desktop – iMac 21.5” or 27"
  • Laptop – MacBook Pro 13” or 15"
  • Ultrabook/tablet – MacBook Air 13”, MacBook 12", iPad Pro

Custom Technology Orders

We can purchase other types of computers for individuals with their own funds (startup, grants, etc.) under the following conditions:

  • You may contact Bruce Matsunaga (bhm@asu.edu) for assistance and a quote to provide the business team.
  • Remember that all equipment must be EPEAT Gold certified as per the ASU Purchasing Manual code PUR 210: Green Purchasing. You can search for EPEAT certification at http://www.epeat.net/.
  • All computers must be equipped with a TPM chip for encryption. 
  • All purchases must be purchased through an approved vendor. Contact the business team about approved vendors.
  • 3-5 year warranty is required (when available).
  • Purchased items are ASU property and will be property controlled through ASU. 

In accordance with ASU Information Security Standards, we recommend all computers that contain sensitive information be encrypted. For more information, see: https://getprotected.asu.edu/content/device-data-encryption

This software is available for personally owned computers and devices. ASU computers have different licenses. 

Faculty, Staff, and Students can install Office 365 (and the related Office suite) on up to five computers and devices for free.

To get Office 365 go to https://login.microsoftonline.com/

  • Enter your ASURITE-ID@asurite.asu.edu (or ASURITE-ID@asu.edu if you are a student) and tab or click into the PWD box to be redirected to the ASU/Microsoft portal site
  • Sign in with ASURITE-ID@asurite.asu.edu (or ASURITE-ID@asu.edu if you are a student) and your ASURITE password checking the appropriate status (student or faculty/staff)
  • Under Software, you should see two sections: “Office” and “Phone & Tablet.” If you are missing the Office section, try a different browser or put in a help ticket.

Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Windows and Office, EndNote, Parallels, Wipebook, and more. 

Adobe Creative Cloud is available for Faculty and Staff for $10/year. This is an annually renewable voucher code, do not renew via the default Adobe site. 

Cisco AnyConnect VPN (Virtual Private Network)

My.ASU > My Apps

Cloud Storage

Google Drive and Drive File Stream through ASU. Why use ASU’s Google Drive over a personal Google Drive or Dropbox?

    • Available to faculty, staff, and students.
    • ASU Google Drive is FERPA, GDPR, and COPPA compliant (unlike personal Google and Dropbox accounts).
    • ASU Google Drive users have unlimited storage space and supports individual files up to 5TB in size.
    • Real-time collaboration tools.
    • You can keep your ASU Google account after you leave the university.

ASU Dropbox

    • Faculty, staff, and TAs can request an ASU Dropbox account
    • 1 TB of storage.
    • ASU Dropbox is is FERPA, GDPR, and COPPA compliant (unlike personal Google and Dropbox accounts).
    • Real-time collaboration tools.
    • You will lose access to ASU's Dropbox when you leave the university.

Microsoft OneDrive

    • Available to faculty, staff, and students.
    • Works with Office 365 Online Apps.
    • OneDrive is is FERPA, GDPR, and COPPA compliant (unlike personal Google and Dropbox accounts).
    • 1 TB of storage.
    • Real-time collaboration tools.
    • You will lose access to OneDrive when you leave the university.

LastPass Premium

There are plenty of free antivirus options available. Please install one.  See http://getprotected.asu.edu/ for training and tips.

ASU currently has an agreement in place to provide Avast Antivirus for Mac to all Mac users at ASU. The current Mac download of Avast is available from the MyApps website. In addition, students, faculty, and staff can also acquire Avast Antivirus for personal systems (Win & OSX). Users can go to https://www.avast.com/students and download a free copy for their system at home.