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Committee Assignments 2019-20

Administrative Leadership Committee


Kris Ratcliffe

Associate Chair (Personnel)

Doris Warriner

Associate Chair (Curriculum)

Brad Ryner

Associate Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Linda Sullivan

Director of Graduate Studies

Ellie Long

Director of Writing Programs

Kyle Jensen

Administrative Directors/Managers

Business Operations Manager

Lorinda Liggins

Director of Communications

Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Director of Digital Technology

Bruce Matsunaga

Director of Internships

Ruby Macksoud

Director of Online Programs

Kathleen Hicks

 Academic Program Directors

Director of Creative Writing

Matt Bell

Director of English Education

Jessica Early

Director of Film and Media Studies

Julia Himberg

Director of Linguistics/ Applied Linguistics

Aya Matsuda

Director of Literature

Cora Fox

Director of Writing, Rhetoric, & Literacies

Kassie Lamp

Appointed Posts

Academic Program Review Coordinator

Robert Sturges

Articulation Task Force

Kyle Jensen

Assessment Coordinator

Christine Holbo

Library Liaison

Heather Maring


Shirley Rose

Prison Education Programs Coordinator

Corri Wells 

Sigma Tau Delta (English Honors Society)

Taylor Corse (Faculty Sponsor) 

Staff Representatives

Richelle Hubbell-Hudson and Sarah Saucedo

TA Orientation/Professional Development

Christina Saidy-Hannah

Elective Posts


Heather Maring

University/College Senate

Lee Bebout (yr 2), Patricia Boyd (yr 3), Elizabeth Lowry (yr 2)

Instructor Representatives:

Alexandra Comeaux, Nate Bump, Jackie Brady, Andrea Severson, Adam Hoffman, Erik Johnson, Jeremy Meyer

Committee Membership 

Area Admission Committees

Determined by Area Directors & Chair

Awards Committees

Brad Irish (chair), Andrea Dickens, Lee Bebout, Natalie Diaz, David Hawkes, George Justice (spring)

[Committee solicits input from the DGS, the Associate Chair of Curriculum, Lead Advisor, the Director of Communications, and academic program directors]

Budget & Personnel Committee

Sally Ball, Dan Bivona, Mark James, Keith Miller, Richard Newhauser, Claudia Sadowski-Smith, Doris Warriner (ex officio)

Committee for Altruistic Research and Experience (CARE)

Karen Dwyer (chair), Reese Conner, Shauna Dranetz, Mark Lussier, Kristen LaRue-Sandler, Eddie Mallot, Bruce Matsunaga, Tina Norgren, Adelheid Thieme, Corri Wells

Curriculum Committee (Program Directors)

Bradley Ryner (Associate Chair), Matt Bell (Director of CW), Jessica Early (Director of English Ed), Julia Himberg (Director of FMS), Cora Fox (Director of Lit), Aya Matsuda (Director of Ling, Applied Ling, and TESOL), Kassie Lamp (Director of WRL), Ellie Long (Director of Graduate Studies), Kyle Jensen (Director of Writing Programs), Kathleen Hicks (Director of Online Programs)

Events Committee-Department

Peter Goggin (chair), Jim Blasingame (fall), Aaron Baker (spring), Melissa Free, Bruce Matsunaga, Lynette Myles, Kathryn Pruitt, Sarah Saucedo

Events Committee-University

Kevin Sandler (chair), Cajsa Baldini, Taylor Corse, Jake Greene, Jonathan Hope, Kristen LaRue-Sandler, Bruce Matsunaga, Tina Norgren, Henry Quintero 

(e.g., Homecoming & Open Door) 

Elections Committee

Elly van Gelderen (chair), Sybil Durand

Graduate Committee

Ellie Long (chair), Matt Bell (Director of CW), Jessica Early (Director of English Ed), Cora Fox (Director of Lit), Julia Himberg (Director of FMS), Kyle Jensen (Director of Writing Programs), Kassie Lamp (Director of WRL), Aya Matsuda (Director of Ling, Applied Ling, and TESOL), Sheila Luna, Hae Park (graduate student rep). Ex-officio: Kathleen Hicks (Director of Online Programs)

Operations Committee

Matthew Prior (chair), Christopher Bradley, Sarah Duerden, Mark Hannah, Kristen LaRue-Sandler, Elizabeth Lowry, Bruce Matsunaga, Emily Cooney

[Formerly DEN/Bylaw Committee, this committee will focus this year on revising departmental webpages.]

Newsletter Committee 

Larry Ellis (co-chair), Meghan Bacino (co-chair), Kira Assad, Kristen LaRue-Sandler, Sheila Luna, Mike McNally, Sarah Florini

Non-Tenure Track Committee

Dana Tait (chair), Danielle Alfandre, Aviva Dove-Viebahn, Steve Farmer, Ellen Johnson, Christina Saidy-Hannah

Writing Programs Committee


[2019-20 members will be announced after elections]


Ad Hoc Committees 

ENG Major Core Requirement Task Force

Brad Ryner (chair), Meghan Bacino, Justin Petropoulos, Jim Blasingame, Brian Goodman, Maureen Goggin, Tyler Peterson

ENG MA Online Admissions Committee 

Kathleen Hicks (co-chair), Ellie Long (co-chair), Joni Adamson, Patricia Boyd, Gregory Castle (spring), Joe Lockard

ENG/The College/EdPlus Online Committee

Kathleen Hicks, Ellie Long, Sheila Luna, Kris Ratcliffe, Brad Ryner, Linda Sullivan

[English representatives]

On Sabbatical or Leave during 2018-19

On Sabbatical

Karen Adams (Fall 2019)
Joni Adamson (Fall 2019)
Aaron Baker (Fall 2019)
Bob Bjork (Fall 2019)
Gregory Castle (Fall 2019)
Elizabeth Horan (Fall 2019)
George Justice (Fall 2019)

Jim Blasingame (Spring 2020)
Sybil Durand (Spring 2020)
Elizabeth Horan (Spring 2020)

On Research Leave

Karen Adams (Spring 2020)
Devoney Looser (Fall 2019-Fall 2020)
Elly van Gelderen (Fall 2019)

ASU Committees & Service Outside Department 

Advisor to Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee

Paul Matsuda

Center Director, Center for Race and Democracy 

Lois Brown

Center Director, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies 

Ayanna Thompson

Committee on Committees

Bryan Smith

Committee on the Quality of Instruction

Heather Hoyt

Committee on the Quality of Instruction

Heather Maring

Dean’s Academic Professional Advisory Council 

Ruby Macksoud

Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee

Tara Ison

Desert Humanities/Institute for Humanities Research 

Ron Broglio

IHR Advisory Board

Lois Brown (Year 1)

Project Humanities

Neal Lester

Student Affairs and Grievances Committee

Joe Lockard

University curriculum committee

Julia Himberg

University Promotion and Tenure Committee

Ayanna Thompson

University Senate President (Tempe Campus) 
At-large representative for the PAC 12 Academic Leadership Coalition 

Shirley Rose