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accents on english | spring-summer 16

volume 19, issue 2

What is now proved was once only imagined.

—William Blake

leading the way: imagination, innovation, ideas

Refraining, Refining, and Letting Go: A Teacher's Lesson in Leadership
Meghan Bacino

From the Editor: Our Electric Stories
Alberto Ríos

from the chair

An Expansive Vision
Mark Lussier

alumni feature

'Never Stop Growing': Angie Crea O'Neal on Leadership 
Dana Tait

In Search of the Valley of Love and Delight: A Memory of Mid-1970s Tempe
Larry Ellis

Making Waves: Women, Words, and Water at ASU
Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Irena Praitis, Grad on the River
Karla Elling

student stories

A Tale of Two Texases: Travis Franks, Australian Fulbright
Larry Ellis

Privileged Imagination: What I Learned from Frank Beddor
Kira Assad

To accomplish great things we must dream as well as act.

—Anatole France

research & engagement

Multitasking with Jacqueline Wernimont: Digitrix
Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Constructing Iron City
Dana Tait

new books & media

Faculty, Staff, Student & Alumni Publications

word lovers' corner

Crossword: Heroes! From Comics to Literature
Alberto Ríos

A Super Scholarship Winner
Kristen LaRue-Sandler

Nothing is so contagious as example; and we never do any great good or evil which does not produce its like.

—Francois de La Rochefoucauld

comings & goings

New Human Resources Specialist: Joe Caudill
Kira Assad

New Business Operations Specialist: Glendolyn Neumann 
Sheila Luna

Welcome, Creative Writing Affiliate Faculty
Cynthia Hogue


Grit and Generosity: Swarthouts Support the Writer's Life
T. M. McNally

When I Gave a Little Bit
Glenn Newman

in memoriam

Willis Buckingham, 1938-2016

Nicholas A. Salerno, 1936-2016
Karla Elling

Debra Schwartz, 1956-2016
Sarah Dean

Miles Swarthout, 1946-2016
Stacie Anfinson

Genius is infinite painstaking.


editorial staff

Accents on English 2.0 is produced by the Department of English at Arizona State University.

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about the masthead image

Kelly Marie Houle, 2013. "Treasure of the Beagle (detail)." Frontispiece of The Illuminated Origin of Species. Watercolor and Gold Foil on Paper. 22in x 30in. 

The stunning artwork in this issue's header was produced by artist, teacher, and writer Kelly M. Houle, a graduate of English's Creative Writing Program (MFA 2005). The piece's title refers to the name of the ship—the HMS Beagle—which carried a young Charles Darwin around the world on a survey expedition. His observations from that journey would form the foundation of his groundbreaking scientific theories.

Houle is at work on a massive project illustrating Darwin's On the Origin of Species (1859). The goal is to produce an illuminated manuscript that pairs traditional calligraphy and painting with one of history's greatest works of scientific literature. Houle anticipates completing work on the edition by February 2019. You can check out progress on her website.