Welcome, Creative Writing Affiliate Faculty

You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.

–Woodrow Wilson

In 2016, English’s Creative Writing Program launched an initiative to acknowledge the crucial support and enrichment provided to creative writing students at both undergraduate and graduate levels by colleagues in English and across campus. The Creative Writing Program invited faculty who teach courses that our students have often taken, who have significantly mentored students in their teaching and writing, and who have served over many years on MFA and honors thesis committees to identify as Affiliate Faculty. The program’s hope was to recognize that our students benefit regularly from the expertise of a range of faculty outside the creative writing discipline, and that the program is the richer for such associations.

Formalizing those associations with the program acknowledged a debt of gratitude, as well as honored the many contributions made by Faculty Affiliates to creative writing students at every level. The Creative Writing Program is pleased to announce that the Affiliate Faculty who accepted the invitation are as follows: 

The new Affiliate Faculty were recognized and welcomed at the annual Swarthout Creative Writing Awards ceremony in April.

Cynthia Hogue