Carl C. Carlie Linguistics Fellowship

The Carl C. Carlie Linguistics Fellowship was created by Joan Berry, a former student, and her husband Charles Berry in honor of Joan’s grandfather Carl C. Carlie. The fellowship amount will be approximately $680 and will be awarded in the fall 2023 semester to a graduate student in linguistics in the Department of English.

Criteria: The fellowship recipient must be a graduate student in good standing in linguistics in the Department of English. This fellowship is meant for “students in linguistics who take great pride in their efforts and exhibit intellectual curiosity.” The recipient must have a 3.25 cumulative GPA and must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. Fellowship recipients may be full-time or part-time students, however recipients shall be enrolled for a minimum of six credit hours per semester.

Application Procedure: Please upload one PDF document containing a one-page letter of application explaining your linguistic interests and goals, a curriculum vitae. and a letter of recommendation from a professor who can comment on your academic abilities.


Deadline: February 1

If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Luna in the English department –


Previous Recipients: 

2022-2023  Ryan Dekker
2021-2022  Mary Bartlow
2020-2021  Kelly Baur
2019-2020  Jackson Kellogg
2018-2019  Angela Schrader
2017-2018  Karen Foltz
2016-2017  Annette Hornung
2015-2016: Sarah Elizabeth Snyder
2014-2015: William Kruger
2013-2014: Robert LaBarge
2012-2013: Jay Myers
2011-2012: Meredith Moss
2010-2011:Victor Parra-Guinaldo
2009-2010: Kathleen Weinkauf
2008-2009: James Berry
2007-2008: John Ryan
2006-2007: Wende Frost

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