Katharine Turner Dissertation Fellowship

The Katharine Turner Dissertation Fellowship is designed to enable doctoral candidates in the Department of English working in the field of American Literature to finish writing their dissertations. 

The recipient will receive a cash award of approximately $12,000 (disbursed 1/2 in Fall and 1/2 in spring) in addition to tuition and health insurance costs.

Applicants who want to be considered for the 2019/20 Katharine Turner Dissertation Fellowship should submit a letter of application, including a work plan for the proposed year of support,  curriculum vitae, and a two-page description of the dissertation explaining its significance to the field. Applicants should ask their dissertation chair to write a letter of support that will address the applicant's strengths and potential to complete the dissertation in a timely manner.

The Awards Committee will also consider the following criteria when reviewing for the fellowship: 1) how expeditiously the student has progressed through the program; 2) has the student adhered to the PhD Timeline; 3) how many chapters of the dissertation have been written; 4) has the student presented at conferences or published in journals; 5) is it likely that the student will graduate  by the end of the fellowship.

Applications should be addressed to Karen Adams, Director of Graduate Studies and submitted in one PDF packet to Sheila.Luna@asu.edu  by February 1, 2019.

Results of the competition will be announced in March.

If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Luna.

Previous Recipients:

2019-2020  Celina Osuna
2018-2019  Amilynne Johnston
2017-2018  Matthew Henry
2016-2017  Myungsung Kim
2015-2016: Kerri Slatus
2014-2015: Samuel Estabrooks
2013-2014: Sarah Grieve 
2012-2013: Valerie Fazel 
2011-2012: William Bolton 
2010-2011: Hui-Ling Yang & Steven Accardi
2009-2010: Jeremy Eisenberg 
2008-2009: Sean Bolton 
2007-2008: Michael Perry & Lisa Ricker 
2006-2007: Sarah Fedirka
2005-2006: Zachary Waggoner 
2004-2005: Bruce Matsunaga 
2004-2005: Cajsa Baldini
2003-2004: Yue Ma
2003-2004: Xu Tete
2003-2004: Yang Yanning
2002-2003: Muhammad Badameh
2002-2003: William Endres
2002-2003: Mi Lim Ryoo
1996-1997: Bill Hummel
1995-1996: Eric Waggoner
1994-1995: Dorie Goldman