Marvin Fisher Book Award

The Marvin Fisher Book Award is given biannually to an international student enrolled in a graduate program in the Department of English. The award is $250 and is to be used for the purchase of books needed by the applicant.

Criteria: Recipient must be an international student currently enrolled in the Department of English. Recipient must have at least a 3.00 GPA.

Application: Upload one PDF document containing a letter of application. a biographical sketch of no more than 250 words, substantiating academic needs and suggested list of books,  and one letter of recommendation from a professor who can comment on the student's work and book list.


Deadlines: Oct. 15 for the spring award and February 1 for the fall award

Previous Recipients:

Fall 2023  Mikhail Zaikovskii
Fall 2022  Rhys Hughes
Fall 2021  Mohammed Iddrisu
Spring 2021  Leila Gholami
Fall 2020  Avrajit Dey
Spring 2020 Melika Nouri
Fall 2019  Aaron Agorsor
Spring 2019  Narin Loa
Fall 2018  Ibrahim Alaswad
Spring 2018  Hae Ryun  Park
Fall 2017  Mekhlid Alsaeedi
Fall 2016  Haroon Alsager
Spring 2016: Cristina Duculescu
Spring 2015:  Myungsung Kim
Falll 2014:  Hye Kyung Lee
Spring 2014:  Youngwha Lee
Fall 2013: Shertock Lama
Spring 2013: Seong-Hoon Kim
Fall 2012: Shertock Lama
Spring 2011: Tyai-Min Wu
Fall 2010: Ahmed Gul
Spring 2010: Chung Chien "Karen" Chang
Fall 2009: Phumnat Julnipitawong
Spring 2009: Anita Chaudhuri
Fall 2008: Subrata Bhowmik
Spring 2008: Tanita Saenkhum
Fall 2007: Seungyeon Lee
Spring 2007: Yi-Ting Chen
Fall 2006: Hui-Ling Yang
Spring 2006: Hui-Ling Yang
Fall 2005: Carol Mejia-LaPerle
Spring 2005: Ho-Jung Yu
Fall 2004: Ebru Erdem & Nina Sabolik
Spring 2004: Chen-Chen Sun