Wilfred A. Ferrell Memorial Fellowship

This award is made possible by an endowment from Wilfred Ferrell, a former director of graduate studies and English department chair. Bill Ferrell had a very strong interest in strengthening the English graduate program at ASU.

Criteria: The recipient must be a Ph.D. student in good standing in the English Department and must have completed one year of coursework by December of the year preceding the grant.

Application Procedure: Submit a curriculum vitae, and a one-page letter of application explaining your academic interests and goals. Letters of application should demonstrate excellence in teaching, research and service. Include one letter of recommendation from a professor who can comment on your academic ability. Applications will be reviewed by a committee named by the Director of Graduate Studies, and the winner will be recognized at an awards ceremony in May. The award amount for 2019 will be approximately $450. 

Submit application packets to Sheila Luna in the English department - RBH 125, or email the materials in one PDF document to sheila.luna@asu.edu

Deadline: February 1, 2019.  

Previous Recipients: 

2019-2020  Scott Caddy
2018-2019 Abigail Oakley
2017-2018  Jason Griffith
2016-2017: Kayla Bruce
2015-2016: Jose Sebastian Terneus
2014-2015 Kyndra Turner
2013-2014: Daniel Bommarito
2012-2013: Sarah Grieve
2011-2012: Meredith Moss
2010-2011: Kathleen Weinkauf
2009-2010: Eric Aldrich
2008-2009: Victor Parra Guinaldo
2007-2008: Lisa Ricker
2006-2007: Johanna Wagner
2004-2005: Lisa Cahill
2002-2003: Vernon Dickson