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Deadline:  March 15

The Friends of the Department of English Scholarship is for undergraduate English; Culture, Environment and Technology; and Film and Media Studies majors in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Online students are eligible. The approximately $1,000 scholarship is awarded each spring for the upcoming fall semester.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have completed at least 60 credit hours.
  2. Have completed at least 18 hours English, CTE, or FMS major courses (at least nine from ASU).
  3. Have a "B" (3.25) overall GPA.
  4. Have a "B" (3.50) GPA in the major.
  5. Be currently enrolled half-time or full-time at ASU.
  6. Be planning to enroll half-time or full-time in the upcoming regular fall semester.
  7. Have not previously received this award.
To apply for the scholarship, applicants must complete the following:
  1. Online application (link below).
  2. A brief, clearly organized autobiographical sketch of no more than 300 words (approximately one typed page). Include a description of your short and long term goals as an English; Culture, Technology and Environment; or Film and Media Studies major.
  3. One letter of recommendation, which must come from a faculty member in the ASU Department of English. Be sure to ask a faculty member who knows your work well enough that they can write a strong, detailed letter in support of your application. Ask the recommending faculty member to email their letter of recommendation to the Awards Committee Chair,

Previous Recipients

Fall 2024: Karly Keller
Fall 2023: Claire McCarville
Fall 2022: Chloe Burgette
Fall 2021: Zane Encinas
Fall 2020: Nora Martinez
Fall 2019: Sara Ozim
Fall 2018: Erin Bottino
Fall 2017: Megan Bromley
Fall 2016: Jessica Simpson
Spring 2015: Sarah Slater
Fall 2014: Laura van Slyke 
Spring 2013: Rebecca Tappendorf
Fall 2012: Brooke Passey
Spring 2012: Ben Scolaro
Fall 2011: Jillian Nusbaum
Spring 2011: Emily Reynolds
Fall 2010: Kathryn Deschamps
Spring 2010: Kaylee Peelen
Fall 2009: Emily Cole
Spring 2009: Brandy Gibson
Fall 2008: Melissa Mapes
Spring 2008: Riki Meier
Fall 2007: Ding Ding Zheng
Spring 2007: Jonathan Stone
Fall 2006: Martin Martos
Spring 2006: Sandra Crandall
Fall 2005: Roxane Barwick
Spring 2005: Matt Dexter
Fall 2004: Elizabeth Dreeland