Friends of the Department of English Scholarship

Deadline:  March 1

The Friends of the Department of English Scholarship is for undergraduate English and Film and Media Studies majors in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Online students are eligible. The approximately $2,000 scholarship is awarded each spring for the upcoming fall semester.

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have completed at least 60 credit hours.
  2. Have completed at least 18 hours English major courses (at least nine from ASU).
  3. Have a "B" (3.25) overall GPA.
  4. Have a "B" (3.50) GPA in the major.
  5. Be currently enrolled half-time or full-time at ASU.
  6. Be planning to enroll half-time or full-time in the upcoming regular fall semester.
  7. Have not previously received this award.
To apply for the scholarship, applicants must complete the following:
  1. Online application (link below).
  2. A brief, clearly organized autobiographical sketch of no more than 300 words (approximately one typed page). Include a description of your short and long term goals as an English or Film and Media Studies major.
  3. One letter of recommendation, which must come from a faculty member in the ASU Department of English. Be sure to ask a faculty member who knows your work well enough that he/she can write a strong, detailed letter in support of your application. Details on where to submit the recommendation are included in the application.

Apply - Friends of the Department of English Scholarship

Previous Recipients

Fall 2023: Claire McCarville
Fall 2022: Chloe Burgette
Fall 2021: Zane Encinas
Fall 2020: Nora Martinez
Fall 2019: Sara Ozim
Fall 2018: Erin Bottino
Fall 2017: Megan Bromley
Fall 2016: Jessica Simpson
Spring 2015: Sarah Slater
Fall 2014: Laura van Slyke 
Spring 2013: Rebecca Tappendorf
Fall 2012: Brooke Passey
Spring 2012: Ben Scolaro
Fall 2011: Jillian Nusbaum
Spring 2011: Emily Reynolds
Fall 2010: Kathryn Deschamps
Spring 2010: Kaylee Peelen
Fall 2009: Emily Cole
Spring 2009: Brandy Gibson
Fall 2008: Melissa Mapes
Spring 2008: Riki Meier
Fall 2007: Ding Ding Zheng
Spring 2007: Jonathan Stone
Fall 2006: Martin Martos
Spring 2006: Sandra Crandall
Fall 2005: Roxane Barwick
Spring 2005: Matt Dexter
Fall 2004: Elizabeth Dreeland