ASU's Sigma Tau Delta Chapter: Good for Students

Is Sigma Tau Delta new?

Not at all. Sigma Tau Delta, the international English honors society was established in 1924, and for close to 100 years, it's thrived.

For years Sigma Tau Delta has been an option for ASU students, but one major component has been lacking: the in-person element. While Sigma Tau students were able to join the society and benefit from the opportunities and scholarships offered, there was no way for members to meet on campus.

That all changed in the fall of 2015 when Sigma Tau was rebooted in the Department of English at ASU. Associate Professor of English Taylor Corse is the faculty advisor of ASU's Tau Gamma chapter of Sigma Tau. In 2016-2017, the organization's second year built upon the efforts of the first, with members participating in social and academic activities both—including February 2017’s Night of the Open Door.

Plans are underway for more activities and collaborations in fall 2018, including a Halloween party and collaborative efforts between Sigma Tau and WORD, ASU’s creative writing club. For more information, find ASU Sigma Tau Delta on Facebook:

—Trevor Prescott