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Graduate Advising

The Graduate Advisors can answer most program related questions and are a valuable source of information and advice. You may contact them first when you have an advising question. For general questions, please contact englishgradadvising@asu.edu. The Graduate Program Handbooks are also a valuable source of information, and general questions will be answered through the FAQs. Once a master's student completing an Applied Project or Thesis or a doctoral student has chosen a committee chair, that faculty member becomes the student's chief source of academic advice. To make good progress, students should keep in close contact with their chair as well as their graduate advisor.

Please email your advisor for an appointment. If you have to cancel, contact the advisor in advance. 

Graduate Advisors

Sheila Luna, Senior Program Manager
RBHL 125, (480) 965-3194
Email: sheila.luna@asu.edu
Advising: PhD programs, Funding, Graduate Certificates

Kira Assad, Program Manager
RBHL 124, (480) 965-7454
Email: kira.assad@asu.edu
Advising: MTESOL Online and MAS Film and Media Studies

Justin Petropoulos, Program Manager
RBHL 152, (480) 727-9130
Email: justin.petropoulos@asu.edu
Advising: MFA Creative Writing, Accelerated BA/MA English (Creative Writing), MFA Funding

Elizabeth Downs, Academic Success Advisor
RBHL 126, (480) 727-3133
Email: elizabeth.downs@asu.edu
Advising: MA English (English Studies) online

Samantha Franze, Academic Success Advisor
RBHL 139, (480) 727-3135
Email: samantha.franze@asu.edu
Advising: MTESOL (Tempe), MA programs (Tempe), Accelerated Programs


Elenore Long, Director of Graduate Studies (RBHL 154)
Email for appointment elenore.long@asu.edu

Kathleen Hicks, Director of Online Programs (RBHL 151)
Email for appointment kathleen.hicks@asu.edu

Julia Himberg, MAS Film and Media Studies (RBHL 167)
Email for appointment julia.himberg@asu.edu

Jonathan Hope, Literature (RBHL 155)
Email for appointment jrhope1@asu.edu

Jessica Early, English Education (RBHL 163)
Email for appointment jessica.early@asu.edu

Matthew Prior, MTESOL/Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (RBHL 159)
Email for appointment matthew.prior@asu.edu

Mark Hannah, Writing, Rhetorics and Literacies (RBHL 165)
Email for appointment mark.hannah@asu.edu

Claudia Sadowski-Smith, MA Comparative Literature 
Email for appointment claudia.sadowski-smith@asu.edu

Sally Ball, Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (RBHL 355)
Email for appointment sally.ball@asu.edu

Elly van Gelderen, Linguistics Certificate 
Email for appointment ellyvangelderen@asu.edu

Ron Broglio, Critcal Theory Certificate 
Email for appointment ronald.broglio@asu.edu 

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