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Spring 2015 Crossword: Words and Music (Music in Literary Works)

The close relationship between text and song informs this issue's puzzle by Arizona Poet Laureate and Regents' Professor of English Alberto Ríos, themed on music in literary works. 

The puzzle was originally created for English's 2015 Night of the Open Door activities, where the department hosted a session on folk tunes and literature, an art-music installation by indigenous hacker group Radio Healer, and a performance by zombies of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

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1  Elton John had the rockin' pneumonia and this kind of flu 
9  Style of blues music and Mississippi land form
10 Where Jack Kerouac and Willie Nelson meet, again (3 wds)
11 Hemingway and Donne said it tolls for thee (2 wds)
12 Shortened form of the divine name YHWH, often used in reggae songs
14 You may reap what results from doing this
15 Seventy-six of these led the big parade
17 Maya Angelou knew why the caged bird does this
18 What pianos need occasionally
20 The Beatles sang about this kind of writer
22 Noah built one and Raiders went in search of a lost one
24 Tiny, tiny, tiny circus creature
25 Captain Corelli owned one of these instruments (plural)
28 Composer known for the lullaby
29 Tom Robbins wrote that Even Cowgirls Get them (2 wds)

2 In Gaston Leroux’s play, there was a phantom there
3 A subculture of the rock scene and short for a literary style linked to Edgar Allan Poe
4 How the nine yards often come, or the megillah
5 James Baldwin said to go tell it there (3 wds)
6 What is perfect or most suitable
7 Tibetan chanters?
8 Henry Fielding wrote about this Welsh singer? (2 wds)
11 Charles Dickens' Oliver did this Chubby Checker dance?
13 Public street performing for tips
14 For Toni Morrison it was Solomon’s, for Norman Mailer it was the Executioner’s
15 Gunter Grass wrote about this child's toy instrument (2 wds)
16 The Who sang about this magic vehicle
19 Machiavelli wrote about his purple reign?
20 These dots have the same name as a dance
21 Biblical song?
23 Really laughing out loud
26 Wherefore ___ thou?
27 Paul McCartney sang that Ian Fleming’s James Bond should live and let this

Header background image from the 1960s: ASU students compete in an Academic Bowl contest. ACC# 93-0994