Writers Place Winner 2003-04

English 101

1st Place: Shaun Brown, "Never Sleeping Dogs Lie"
2nd Place: Ashley Martin, "Art Fakes and Forgeries: Fooling the Art Industry"
3rd Place: S. Danell Munyan, "Seven Treacherous Miles"

English 102

1st Place: Jacob Pantoja, "Family Ties"
2nd Place: Grant Penrod, "Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids"
3rd Place*: Linda Hill, "The Fight Against Teen Sleep Deprivation: High Schools Must Adopt Later Start Times"
3rd Place*: Tricia Marie Rader, "Sex: A Bad Thing?"

English 105

1st Place: Courtney Ficks, "Vampires: From Black and White to Shades of Humanity"
2nd Place: Joshua Hinckley-Porter, "Thrilling and Killing - Why So Often Synonyms in the Film Industry"
3rd Place*: Sean Carney, "Pink Floyd's The Wall: One Hell of a Trip"
3rd Place*: Andrew Harrison, "Japan's Evolution Through Near Extinction"