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English 101

* 1st Place “The Boy: The Blacksmith” by Robert Slattery
* 2nd Place “Free Drinks for Anarchists” by Jessica Rose
* 3rd Place “Footsteps in the Sky” by Sheree Turner

English 102

* 1st Place Not Awarded
* 2nd Place (tie) “The Rise of Starbucks” by Lydia Tolman
“American Brat” by Danielle Deakin
* 3rd Place “Clinton/Obama” by Kenneth Kruse

English 105

* 1st Place Not Awarded
* 2nd Place “From Space Aliens to Supercomputers: Facing Our Fears in Science Fiction": by Cassandra Dillman
* 3rd Place “Animated Family Comedies: Humor For Everyone?” by Rebecca Oehler

English 107

* 1st Place “The Garden of Eden” by Monica Skrautvol
* 2nd Place “Experiences in a Call Center” by Ankush E. D’Souza
* 3rd Place (tie) “Hare Krishna Temple” by Ankush E. D’Souza
“The Big Journey” by Monica Skrautvol