Writers Place Winners for 2005-06

WAC 101/ENG 101

First Place (tie): “Possessed by Possessions” by Jaeth DeFuria and “When Terror Strikes Twice” by Michelle Lato

Second Place: “The Broken Stool” by Kairi Marshall

Third Place: “Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Where a Kid Can Be a Kid” by Sarah Maurer

ENG 102

First Place: “Proposal for Plagiarism Program” by John Callahan

Second Place: “Reviving the American Dream” by Stephanie Williams

Third Place (tie): “Video Games Don’t Kill People . . .” by Nicholas Petcu and “American Idiot: Rock Opera” by Nicole Stewart

ENG 105

First Place: “Becoming a Princess” by Ali Wachutka

Second Place: “Theatrical Sadism: The Pleasure of the Nightmare” by Andy Marcantel

No third or fourth place prizes awarded for 105.

ENG 107/108

No awards given this year.